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same here

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gaf defense unite

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omg indestructible didn't win?? 
f*ck this site!

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Does anyone have the tech capable of getting screen grabs of the lobby emoticons? The one i care most about is the yellow smiley. I would love screenshots of the 2 frames: the one where he is smiling and the one where he gives a thumbs up. I have been searching the internet far and wide, but have had no luck finding any decent quality pics. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.

Plan B is to wait a month for the PC version and take the screenshots myself, but I'd rather not wait a month :\


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Red Storm showed up at NCSU's senior design showcase where students were demoing their games for the public. I was on one of the project teams and had a fairly lengthy discussion with John Mason (an employee at Red Storm). One bit of information I found interesting was that Red Storm had been working on a Might and Magic game that was similar (gameplay-wise) to the Dark Messiah game.

I believe the game was developed using the G.R.A.W. engine...for whatever reason, the project was put on hold indefinitely.

Just some fun trivia least i thought so.