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@sergio: That might be because the SSHD has a faster hard drive, so read/write speeds are much better on the platters.

@jamin724: Go for the space, you're going to be able to hold much more games. Load times are not that different, just look at this review of PS4 storage options.,3695-3.html

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PS+ 30 day trial: BDK6-BFNR-9K7P

Music Unlimited: L4Q5-C5N3-M3D2

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Globe and Mail review gave Killzone a knock for being too hard. Challenging games are bad now? Multiplayer was also reviewed with bot matches.

"If it were possible to punch a video game [in] the face, Killzone: Shadowfall would be sporting a giant shiner right about now. The first-person shooter will test the patience of the most excited new PS4 owner...Shadowfall is needlessly difficult – and the only reward for overcoming its toughest sections is a sense of gratitude that you’ll never have to do them again."

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@artisanbreads: I'm specifically saying it's not just about bias. You have to get past all of this being just bias to know why he is treated like a joke.

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@deranged: That's what I'm saying about the whole Polygon situation. The site is not the best at times, but the problem is Gies. Personally I don't have that much of an issue with Polygon as a whole, even with the $750k funding. It doesn't help that Gies is the reviews editor though.

This is why review numbers should only be judged from Metacritic and not a single, or select few sites.

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@deranged: Here is an example of him being stupid, but nothing to do with preference.

This also applied to knob heads like Arthur Gies who just 2 hours ago was commenting back and forth with our very own Patrick Klepick saying that "if always-on requirements for AAA titles infuriates you on a deep, personal level, you've got nothing but sad times ahead." and then comments "why even be critical of it? there's a reason for it. it's not going to change. buy it, or don't". A journalist or "game critic" saying DON'T BE CRITICAL. What the fuck? Thankfully, Tricky basically had the same reaction...just less crude. Then goes on to compare single player Diablo 3 with online multiplayer.


Then to top it all off tells Patrick and others to "diablo 2 still exists. go play it." You can see the comments on Patrick's twitter.!/patrickklepek

Such a perfect example for this article and how rather than questioning the practices of these companies or digging into why there are these complaints they go "play diablo 2 then!". How does that help anything? Now THAT is sounding like a baby.

This guy was the same way for Simcity, XB1 pre-180, etc. Also thanks @metal_mills.

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@deranged: It's not about preference, there is a giant shit list of contradiction and stupidity from him. Unfortunately, Neogaf is down and I can't link anything.

@tesla: Look at the Metcritic score.

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@artisanbreads: No one is being a fanboy of calling out Polygon, specifically Gies. Don't waste your time defending him.

@amyggen: It's not really the whole site, mostly Gies.