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PS+ 30 day trial: BDK6-BFNR-9K7P

Music Unlimited: L4Q5-C5N3-M3D2

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Globe and Mail review gave Killzone a knock for being too hard. Challenging games are bad now? Multiplayer was also reviewed with bot matches.

"If it were possible to punch a video game [in] the face, Killzone: Shadowfall would be sporting a giant shiner right about now. The first-person shooter will test the patience of the most excited new PS4 owner...Shadowfall is needlessly difficult – and the only reward for overcoming its toughest sections is a sense of gratitude that you’ll never have to do them again."

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@artisanbreads: I'm specifically saying it's not just about bias. You have to get past all of this being just bias to know why he is treated like a joke.

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@deranged: That's what I'm saying about the whole Polygon situation. The site is not the best at times, but the problem is Gies. Personally I don't have that much of an issue with Polygon as a whole, even with the $750k funding. It doesn't help that Gies is the reviews editor though.

This is why review numbers should only be judged from Metacritic and not a single, or select few sites.

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@deranged: Here is an example of him being stupid, but nothing to do with preference.

This also applied to knob heads like Arthur Gies who just 2 hours ago was commenting back and forth with our very own Patrick Klepick saying that "if always-on requirements for AAA titles infuriates you on a deep, personal level, you've got nothing but sad times ahead." and then comments "why even be critical of it? there's a reason for it. it's not going to change. buy it, or don't". A journalist or "game critic" saying DON'T BE CRITICAL. What the fuck? Thankfully, Tricky basically had the same reaction...just less crude. Then goes on to compare single player Diablo 3 with online multiplayer.


Then to top it all off tells Patrick and others to "diablo 2 still exists. go play it." You can see the comments on Patrick's twitter.!/patrickklepek

Such a perfect example for this article and how rather than questioning the practices of these companies or digging into why there are these complaints they go "play diablo 2 then!". How does that help anything? Now THAT is sounding like a baby.

This guy was the same way for Simcity, XB1 pre-180, etc. Also thanks @metal_mills.

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@deranged: It's not about preference, there is a giant shit list of contradiction and stupidity from him. Unfortunately, Neogaf is down and I can't link anything.

@tesla: Look at the Metcritic score.

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@artisanbreads: No one is being a fanboy of calling out Polygon, specifically Gies. Don't waste your time defending him.

@amyggen: It's not really the whole site, mostly Gies.

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@seppli: It would be really interesting if Sony can match a lot of features with the PS4 Eye. I'm more impressed with the iPhone like motion control the Sixaxis has now. Things like BF4's lean system being built into Sixaxis or Shadowfall's OWL into the touchpad are great examples of touch and motion gaming enhancing a core experience.

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Ask us (almost anything) about the DS4. I've been playing PS3 games with it, some work, some don't.