Man, I'm in my mid-thirties and depressed that a video game site is changing corporate ownership.

I'm thrilled for the crew, because they seem happy and they deserve success. I just don't see a future in this world where GiantBomb as I enjoyed it continues to exist.

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Switched from Xbox to PC w/ controller for Skyrim. It was a bit of a gamble because my PC is an old M11X alienware laptop without much horsepower. Thankfully it works fine -- looks way better than Xbox (though frame rate is worse) and will let me play another 100 hours or so without occupying the television through January...

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Inspired by all the GOTY coverage, am giving Mass Effect 2 a shot on Insanity...
Edit: as it turns out, I was actually playing Hardcore. No wonder it seemed easy.

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Beat Braid tonight. What a gem. It reminds me of why I keep up with gaming on sites like Giantbomb, so I don't miss things like this.

Civ Revolutions arrived in the mail too. I imagine that will consume a huge chunk of my time in the near future, if my history with civ is repeated.

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