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lol, EA is basically just rolling the dice and hoping they don't get taken to court for not paying a licensing fee, but you guys are eating up the anti-gun (lol) spin like hot shit straight from their hole.

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I notice most nerd types who profess intelligence are ignorant in general when it comes to economic and financial matters, not the least of which is the amount of overhead it takes to run a business and actually pay people a decent wage.

Unsurprisingly (at least to me) the same people tend to vote for kooky left wing politics that make no economic sense. Coincidence?

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@ZGoon: Can you not counter me with logic? Is dropping a strawman and running all you know to do? Are you even aware that the founding fathers of the United States were composed of both slave owners and abolitionists?

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@ZGoon: It is pretty ignorant, not to mention rude, to speak this way about another country's culture that you admit to not understanding (which is odd since you're in Canada and not half a world away).

The answer is that more traditional freedom-focused Americans prefer said freedom to government imposed "safety." Also, the founding fathers of the United States were not perfect people but their ideas and the logic behind them were the height of political and social genius. This is why the Constitution, while abused by authoritarian politicans, has not been overtly thrown out by them...the people still love it you see.

People forget that one of the smartest parts of the Constitution's design is the ability to change it to fit the changing needs and wants of society. So Americans could very well have the Second Amendment repealed, but, again, at least half the country is more traditionally minded and we much prefer the freedom to own what we want and a defense against tyranny.

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Joe Biden is a joke. He's a character from a Mel Brooks film except in real life. Even sounds like one. Anyone who thinks this guy is a decent politician or has any charisma is somewhere between partisan hack and political tool.

All reps from the NRA and game industry need to do is walk in the room and say, "First and Second Amendments, ever heard of them?"

And then walk out.

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I don't see how it's crony capitalism when Schilling lost upwards of half to 3/4 of his OWN personal fortune in 38 Studios. He didn't exactly get his personal investment paid back by the government, did he?

I suggest Reason TV do some research on what crony capitalism actually means (hint: good place to start is banker gangsters getting billions from bought and paid for politicians so they didn't have to take a bath on high risk, high stupid "investments")

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There's nothing wrong with calling out people like this payola queen on their activities. Journalists/writers who go on rants about the (usually politically correct) problems they have with any given industry need to start naming names and quit talking like conspiracy theorists where it's always some mysterious enemy they never define against them.

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PR bot on damage control. Pretty sad to see from a company whose owner used to talk directly to the consumers and oppose software restrictions.

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Leave the white knighting clickbait on Kotaku plz.

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Someone let these guys know it's not a requirement to be a thick frame glasses wearing neckbeard hipster to make indie games. It is possible to look like a normal human being and still make the game you want to make.

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