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Predecessor to the exploration/RPG based Castlevania games 0

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was the sequel to the original Nintendo Entertainment System Castlevania, itself released on the NES in 1988. Like Zelda II, Final Fantasy II, and Super Mario Bros 2, Simon’s Quest retains a core of gameplay from the original with the rest of the game being a complete departure. The game opens with vampire hunter Simon Belmont on his titular quest, his goal to reassemble the pieces of the dark lord Dracula so that Simon can kill him again and cure himself of the dea...

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A challenge for all the hardcores 0

Old school games have long been known for extreme difficulty and Ghosts ‘n Goblins is one of the biggest contributors to this reputation. Released by Capcom for the arcade in 1985, Ghosts ‘n Goblins is about a knight named Arthur who must save Princess Prin Prin from demons, zombies, and other undead monsters.The game features wildly and constantly respawning enemies, some tricky platforming, and controls that, while serviceable, can be a little stiff when compared to the challenge that you must...

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Enjoyable predecessor to the NES classic 0

Capcom’s original arcade Bionic Commando was released in 1987. It has become somewhat obscure due to being eclipsed by the famous NES release of the same name the following year. A lot of people probably assume this is just an arcade version of the NES game, but in reality it is a different affair and quite a bit simpler.You take the role of 80’s Capcom mascot Super Joe and must invade an enemy country and kill their leader. There are only four stages, but the platforming is very high quality an...

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Genesis of a classic franchise. 0

Castlevania came out in 1986 and was Konami’s entry into the platform style game with power-ups that was big on the Nintendo Entertainment System thanks in large part to Super Mario Bros. You control vampire hunter Simon Belmont who, armed with the whip Vampire Killer, is invading Dracula’s castle to fight through the dark lord’s minions so he can take a shot at the head vampire himself. This basic story hook would expand with every sequel to become a sweeping epic detailing the battles of the B...

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Game is okay. No one likes the dog. 0

Most people who played Duck Hunt likely did so because it came as a pack-in title along with Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was created as a showcase for the Zapper, the console’s light gun peripheral. You are an unnamed hunter who is out for a day of duck hunting with your less than faithful dog companion. He’ll help you out by jumping in the bushes to flush the ducks out, but enjoys laughing at you when you miss. The dog’s taunting made him the first game char...

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The game that saved the (videogame) world 0

Super Mario Bros may be the game that saved the games industry, the industry as it applied to the common man at least. Bad games and even worse business decisions had sunk the console industry and arcade in the United States in the early 1980s. Gaming on computers was poised to do well enough, but in danger of being a niche market only. In 1985 Nintendo released their home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and this launch title, one of the greatest of all time in the platforming ...

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Capcom’s run-and-gun arcade classic 0

Commando is not another thinly veiled rip-off of an American action movie by a 1980s game developer. It actually came out a few months before the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger film in 1985. Regardless, the game is just as much about mowing down bad dudes in the jungle with machine guns and grenades. This is the first game where you take on the role of developer Capcom’s recurring soldier character Joseph “Super Joe” Gibson, today tasked with saving hostages from one of the many fictional junta-ru...

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The classic computer game from the Doom Generation’s childhood 0

Back in the lawless days of pioneers, wild buffalo, and the Apple II known as the 1980s, you could play a game with the first two things on the last. Usually at school of all places. The Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) used to publish games in this era that combined teaching subjects like math and history with surprisingly decent gameplay. One of their most famous releases was this game, The Oregon Trail.The game chronicles the pioneer life on the eponymous Oregon Trail as the ...

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The sequel to the all-time classic, a great game in its own right 0

The original Donkey Kong was a hallmark in the platforming genre when Nintendo released it in 1981. It doesn’t hurt that it also made some mad money in the arcades. Thus designer Shigeru Miyamoto got to (perhaps was put to) work on the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. Premiering in 1982, Donkey Kong Jr. stars the game’s namesake as he goes through four levels of platforming to rescue his father, the original Donkey Kong, who was captured by Mario at the end of the previous game. This time Mario is your e...

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Just as good as the original...maybe better 0

The original Pac-Man was a worldwide smash success, so much so that it reportedly caused a temporary coin shortage in Japan as most of them sat inside Pac-Man cabinets instead of peoples’ pockets. Naturally this level of success made American distributor Midway eager to get out the next Pac-Man game to keep the money rolling in. While waiting for original developer Namco to deliver they filled the gap by doing sprite swaps on an unpublished game called Crazy Otto and created Ms. Pac-Man. It woul...

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Bring Quick Reflexes and Quicker Thinking to Konami's Classic 0

Frogger is Konami’s 1981 classic arcade title where you take control of a frog who must hop across a hazard filled road and alligator infested waters just to get back home. The game’s action is confined to a single screen and yet requires more concentration and fast thinking than many other titles with more fleshed out worlds.The screen is divided into two, the first section being the road. Vehicles travel horizontally across the road, some going left, some going right, and all at different spee...

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The First Mario Game and a Platforming Classic 0

Donkey Kong is the 1981 classic arcade title that put both protagonist Mario and the game designer Shigeru Miyamoto on the map, not to mention Donkey Kong himself. The plot is at heart a video game version of King Kong, a fact which lead to an unsuccessful trademark infringement lawsuit against Nintendo in 1982. The protagonist Mario (called Jumpman at the time) has to save his girlfriend Pauline, who has been kidnapped by the giant ape Donkey Kong and carried up a building under construction. A...

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Play this Milestone of Classic Arcade Gaming 0

The most successful video games birth franchises, but few are the games that create a cultural phenomenon. In that hallowed company stand the likes of Super Mario Bros, Doom, and, of course, Pac-Man. Developed by Namco and released in 1980, Pac-Man is about the titular cheese-wheel-missing-a-slice looking character navigating a maze to eat dot-size pellets and fruit while being pursued by the most aggressive ghosts this side of a Spartan graveyard.A memorable jingle opens each level before Pac-M...

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One of Gaming's Classics 0

Space Invaders is an all-time classic of video gaming. Its addictive gameplay and distinctive music and sound have carried it beyond the arcade to releases on most major game platforms and web browsers. This has reportedly generated $2 billion since the game first appeared in the arcade in 1978.The game has no real story to speak of. You find yourself as the unnamed pilot of a space fighter who must shoot down hordes of advancing invaders that move side-to-side and ever farther down the screen f...

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