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It seems like she enjoys straightforward/simpler platformers, so here's what I can come up with in that vein (these are all gonna be Wii games)-

Kirby's Epic Yarn has co-op- if she liked the platforming/art style of Rayman Origins but it got too hard towards the end, this might be a good way to go. You literally cannot die (all that happens when you fall in a pit is you lose your gems) and if she gets stuck on some platforming, in co-op you can pick her up and throw/carry her past the tough spots (it can get a bit tricky at the end). Plus, it's SO cute and super charming and really relaxing to play. I love the shit out of this game and would highly highly recommend it.

The New Super Mario Bros games can be fun in co-op, but not so much when there's a big skill disparity between the people playing- the camera follows the person who's farthest ahead, and if they get too far ahead the person behind will get scrolled off the screen and die. Plus, the levels can get pretty tricky. Might be worth looking into, but it's probably not a good fit.

Super Mario Galaxy has "co-op"- a second person can pick up a controller and point at the screen to collect things and stun enemies for you with a cursor. Maybe consider picking this up and swapping the main controller back and forth between levels?

Those are the big ones that are coming to mind at the moment. I'll come back and edit this with more if I can think of any.

Also, don't forget about the Virtual Console or that the Wii can play Gamecube games- I don't have any specific recommendations there, but it's worth taking a look to see if there's any old games she might like.

EDIT: Speaking of Gamecube games, maybe look at Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures? You'll have to get it on disc, but I remember that game being pretty fun.

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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@landon said:

I read somewhere that the day to day gameplay is even shorter than Animal Crossing.

Kinda- there's less to do in one sitting, but you can come back after an hour or two and have more stuff to do. Basically, most of the gameplay revolves around your Miis having problems and asking you to help solve them, which can involve minigames, setting your Miis up with each other, buying them clothes, etc. So once you've solved everyone's problems, there's nothing to do unless there are events going on. But if you put the game down for an hour or so and come back, they'll have a whole new set of problems, so there's more to do, unlike in Animal Crossing, where I found at a certain point I would just boot up the game, do the daily stuff, and shut it off and not touch it for the rest of the day because I'd done everything I could do that day.

It is less of a game than I was expecting- I thought you'd have direct control of your Mii at least, but you don't. However, it seems the key is to have a shitload of Miis, so that way there's always something happening or some kind of drama starting. I stopped making my own Miis after making like 4 of them and just looked up QR codes, which is SO much easier. But it is SUPER wacky and Japanese in the best way, so that's good.

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Traveling to other towns, sharing fashion creations--it's is a huge design element.

(Found a small typo, @patrickklepek)

Great article! I love these games (I've put something like 220 hours into New Leaf) and it's great to see that the team behind it understands the need for diverse perspectives when making games.

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I still can't get over how good the visuals look. I'll be playing this no matter what, but even if it's shitty, at least I'll have a good time looking at it.

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@blatantninja23: Doesn't matter, I'm still gonna go for the PS4- it's $100 cheaper and doesn't have any of this DRM/online authentication crap (though it's really the price difference that sealed the deal for me, I don't really care about the DRM/online authentication stuff all that much).

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This is absolutely amazing. I love it when Nintendo does dumb, ridiculous, hilarious shit like this

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I couldn't be more excited. Sony sold me a PS4 as soon as that music started playing.

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@biggiedubs said:

@Bizzama said:

@biggiedubs said:

Me too and to be brutally honestly, I've seen way more men do amazing parkour stuff than I have women; but whatever.

The only reason I said it to begin with is that I imagine nine times out of time that protagonist is made to be a male one, purely because it involves something vaguely physical. Is was nice that they made her a female protagonist, but it would have been even better if she was actually a well-rounded and interesting character. Baby steps, I guess.

And what it's worth, I'm a dude currently in college who still wants to get into the games industry, despite all of those stories.

Good to know there's someone out there in the same situation I am! I think you're right about developers choosing a male protagonist for physical situations, but while that choice does make sense on a fundamental level, I'd argue to those developers that that argument doesn't hold up now that we have so many women soldiers and women in other physically-based fields. But you're right, baby steps... Though really, character depth would've been nice.

It's kind of depressing when we're 'congratulating' a game for even doing the bare minimum of female representation in a game, but I guess you have to when you look at the rest of the games put out at the moment.

You know, it would be pretty awesome if there was a female protagonist in a Call of Duty game, or any modern FPS. I think they still keep the female soldiers away from the firefights as much as possible, I still don't think they're allowed to be infantry or Navy Seals or anything like that, so maybe they've got a ready-made excuse right there. But then it would be cool to play as a female soldier on a routine patrol, that turns into a fight or something like that. Might give those games a bit of much needed downtime too.

And yeah, I think we both need good luck to get into the games industry at the moment. I want to be a writer, which I've found almost impossible to get any kind of experience for. Especially when I'm suggesting such blasphemous thing as 'putting a female protagonist in a FPS'......

I think a female protagonist in an FPS would be really interesting and would definitely add an interesting spin on the tired FPS formula. I'm pretty sure you're right about women generally being kept away from the front lines, but I think that lends itself to an even more interesting premise, having a soldier who never even expected to see combat end up in the center of a major conflict and seeing how that soldier adapts to that situation.

I'm studying animation, so I've probably got it much easier than you do. But I hope you stick to your goal and make it someday- clearly, we need more people who would get behind such a blasphemous idea in the industry.

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