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Drew is great! I'm really glad he's gotten more time in front of the camera recently, and Metal Gear Scanlon's been fantastic.

Also, dude is really good at impressions, especially Snake and Otacon (and Pacman).

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@flstyle said:

Oh that's easy, First Person Shooters. I get motion sickness very easily, FPS video games being one such way. By getting rid of FPS games there would be a big gap in the market for the other genres and therefore more games I can play.

Same, for exactly the same reason. The fact that such a disproportionate amount of big budget games (and games in general) are FPSes really sucks when you literally can't play them.

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The Paper Mario games still look great, even the N64 one (although the resolution isn't so hot)

I also second Okami, that game is beautiful

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Good luck, Patrick! Thanks for everything <3

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I'll second Super Mario Sunshine and add Twilight Princess- I love that game to bits but boy is it not aging well.

Also, I'd kill for an HD collection of all the Paper Mario games (except Sticker Star) on the Wii U. They all definitely hold up, but higher resolutions/sharper lines would do those games wonders.

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Persona 4, Okami, and Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door are the ones I replay the most. I'll occasionally replay a Zelda game (usually Twilight Princess) or a Pokemon game or Kingdom Hearts 2/BBS (yeah, yeah, I know), and with those I'll try to make a challenge out of it (usually 3 hearts, Nuzlocke run, and Critical Mode respectively). There are a lot more games that I'd replay way more often if it weren't for just one part that I hate more than anything, like the Triforce hunt in Wind Waker.

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Honestly I'm cool with my Wii U right now- it's finally doing what the 3DS did where it got a ton of awesome games all of a sudden after only having a Zelda remake for like 2 years. I'm hoping to get my hands on Bayonetta 1&2 soon (been too broke to get it), plus Smash Bros and Captain Toad when they come out. Plus, the 3DS has a solid lineup in the near future, between Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Persona Q, and Majora's Mask HD (maybe not in the near future, but still). I also got my hands on a PS3 recently, so there's plenty of games on that that I want to go back and play.

But yeah, as someone who doesn't like shooters or zombies or GTA/AC, X1 and PS4 have basically nothing to offer for me right now, especially not for hundreds of dollars.

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I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan- the real kicker is that I'm super invested in the narrative. I recognize that it's all total bullshit and pretty awful, but goddamn do I love (some of) the characters and holy shit am I excited to see what happens in KH3.

I really enjoy filling out the Pokedex in Pokemon games. I think it's a fun (albeit super fuckin long and often tedious) challenge and it really makes you explore all parts of the map and all the game's mechanics. I've filled out the Pokedex to completion 3 times now (including 2 living Pokedexes, where you have 1 of every Pokemon in the box), and I'd do it again. You could say I have a problem.

I've watched like 1 or 2 episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and actually really enjoyed it- the one episode I remember involved the 4 daughters and the mom trying to get in shape because the mom was getting married and they wanted to look good for the wedding, but their exercise session turned into them bouncing on exercise balls and having a competition to see who could fart the loudest. It's just a super feel good show- the whole family is super happy and gets along great, and the mom is actually taking all the proceeds from the show and putting them in trust funds for her daughters, so they're not completely superficial and dumb like the redneck stereotype. I'd honestly recommend watching an episode if you're super bored.

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In past interviews they've talked a lot about having issues with their engine, so this isn't super surprising. They made some pretty tall claims about what their engine could do (i.e. change the lighting so that the look of each world matched the art style of the source material), so I'm sure it gave them a lot of trouble. Still, a bit of a bummer that they spent so much time wrestling with their engine only to ultimately ditch it. Hopefully now they can really get development moving and maybe get this game out in my lifetime.

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@sourpatchjames: I got the first one (the second one was already used)- thanks a ton!