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I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan- the real kicker is that I'm super invested in the narrative. I recognize that it's all total bullshit and pretty awful, but goddamn do I love (some of) the characters and holy shit am I excited to see what happens in KH3.

I really enjoy filling out the Pokedex in Pokemon games. I think it's a fun (albeit super fuckin long and often tedious) challenge and it really makes you explore all parts of the map and all the game's mechanics. I've filled out the Pokedex to completion 3 times now (including 2 living Pokedexes, where you have 1 of every Pokemon in the box), and I'd do it again. You could say I have a problem.

I've watched like 1 or 2 episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and actually really enjoyed it- the one episode I remember involved the 4 daughters and the mom trying to get in shape because the mom was getting married and they wanted to look good for the wedding, but their exercise session turned into them bouncing on exercise balls and having a competition to see who could fart the loudest. It's just a super feel good show- the whole family is super happy and gets along great, and the mom is actually taking all the proceeds from the show and putting them in trust funds for her daughters, so they're not completely superficial and dumb like the redneck stereotype. I'd honestly recommend watching an episode if you're super bored.

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In past interviews they've talked a lot about having issues with their engine, so this isn't super surprising. They made some pretty tall claims about what their engine could do (i.e. change the lighting so that the look of each world matched the art style of the source material), so I'm sure it gave them a lot of trouble. Still, a bit of a bummer that they spent so much time wrestling with their engine only to ultimately ditch it. Hopefully now they can really get development moving and maybe get this game out in my lifetime.

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@sourpatchjames: I got the first one (the second one was already used)- thanks a ton!

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I spent several hours rerolling skills on Helel in P4 trying to get the right combination of null/absorb/repel passives so he'd only take Almighty damage. The worst part about that was that I couldn't just hit X and circle over and over, I had to actually pay attention to the skills he got on each roll to make sure I didn't accidentally skip over the setup I wanted. I think I eventually gave up and made an invincible Metatron instead, which was way easier.

Besides that, shiny breeding in Pokemon, hunting beetles for cash in New Leaf, and the majority of FF13 were all pretty brutal.

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Awesome write up!

Man, I played the shit out of this game. I specifically recall laughing my ass off the first time I healed by drinking water and it zoomed in on his face while he splashed his face like a male model- it was hysterical to younger me.

Still, I really liked this game, I had it on the Gamecube. The combat wasn't great (like you said, jump over the enemy, slash their back, and repeat until the enemies get "smart" enough to stop you from jumping over them), and neither was the story (although I enjoyed it immensely for the unintentional comedic value), but the platforming was great and the time rewind dagger was super fun. Honestly, I think Assassin's Creed could learn a thing or two from the platforming in Sands, the wall run felt flawless!

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Since you've played the Mario Galaxy games and Twilight Princess (which would also make this list)-

  • Okami
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • Skyward Sword
  • Smash Bros Brawl
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Super Paper Mario (be aware that this one is not at all like Thousand Year Door or the original in terms of gameplay- it's purely a platformer, no turn-based combat, but it's got really great writing and I thoroughly enjoyed it)
  • Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (more of a party game, but it's probably the best/most fun use of motion controls the Wii has to offer)

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I got into WoW for the first time a little under a year ago and I actually didn't run into nearly as much of this kind of thing as I expected to, especially considering I was going into each new dungeon with no background knowledge and did some really stupid shit sometimes. Generally, I found that if you keep your head down and do your job well enough, nobody will say anything- when I did screw up or wasn't doing something right, most of the time someone would just correct me, I'd apologize, and that was that. I even ran into some incredibly pleasant people, surprisingly enough.

That said, I did have a few nasty run ins, like one dude who completely lost his shit over the fact that I forgot to turn off Growl on my pet (I played a hunter) before getting in the dungeon, even though I turned it off immediately and it literally had no impact on anybody. There were also a couple times where I saw some incredible vitriol directed at the tank or the healer because they weren't doing their jobs perfectly. The problem is exactly what @extomar described- the people still playing WoW know the content inside and out at this point and assume that everyone they're playing with is the same, so when you mess up they just assume you're a moron. It's unfortunate that people choose to be assholes in these kinds of situations instead of being helpful, but I guess assholes will be assholes. I can't comment on whether Dota has more toxic players as I don't play Dota, but I've certainly heard more about toxic Dota players than I have about toxic WoW players, or MMO players in general.

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And hair.

Speaking of Skyward Sword hair... you know what Hyrule Warriors needs a lot more of?

I would pay so much money to play as Groose, holy shit

I'm torn- as much as I love the shit out of Twilight Princess, the textures on Link's costume look horrible. Like I wouldn't be surprised if they just used the original Gamecube/Wii textures it looks so bad. Plus, Skyward Sword Zelda is so damn cute

Realistically though, I'm probably just gonna use Amazon because it's the most convenient and then buy the Skyward Sword one.

I wonder what other DLC they'll do, if any- they're pretty much out of costumes, since Link/Zelda/Ganondorf are the only characters with multiple appearances/costumes, they've already announced Ganondorf costume DLC, and OOT, TP, and SS are really the only games they can pull from since the costumes are going on 3D models and Wind Waker's art style is too different to really work in Hyrule Warriors.

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I haven't run into anything TOO crazy, but I did run into a glitch in Skyrim after a dragon crashed into the ground- the dirt trail texture it left when it crashed shot up into the sky at a 90 degree angle to the ground. I took a picture-

My other favorite glitch (although I didn't find it myself) is the Twilight Princess title screen glitch where, if you reset the game at exactly the right moment right before you respawn (i.e. as you're falling into quicksand), you can spawn into the title screen and run around there and clip through the world and all kinds of stuff (you can even get right up to Hyrule Castle and see that its model is mirrored beneath it outside of the world for some bizarre reason).

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It doesn't bother me, really, although I'd be more stoked if there were more series collections or remakes of older games instead of just beautified versions of last gen games. Like I'm way into Wind Waker HD and the Resident Evil remake or the Kingdom Hearts HD collections since those are older than last gen, and not having to dig out my old consoles to play them anymore is super convenient. I'd love to see more of those, but I imagine it's hard for devs to find the time/resources to devote to remastering old games since they'd take way more work than last gen games. Still, I won't say no to better-looking versions of games I missed last gen, especially since I don't have a PC capable of running recent games.