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Could not care less. It's a shit deal and it's Sony's console. You do know that some of the revenue from EA Access goes to the console makers right? Why would Sony say no to money? Maybe it's to snuff out a potential competitor(who they would be making money on). Or maybe it's because they don't want their store filled with shitty subscription based rebate/dlc/hat programs? Or maybe it's the fucking dandelion people who control all major electronics companies wanting to spice shit up? Who-Fucking-Knows


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@aurahack said:

y'all are too kind ;-;

I had another idea so I made another set. Didn't do EA and Ubi though 'cause they don't have consoles and frankly this was long enough to do that I really didn't want to do more ahaha.

Where's @buzz_clik, @b0nd07, and @fobwashed in all this though??? WHERE Y'ALL AT

And here I was thinking I might go and submit something this year. These are bloody great, well done good duder, well done indeed.

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I find it hilarious how people are shooting this down. Oculus always needed capital, I was just waiting for someone to come and scoop them up. And I feel there were much scarrier options out there, like MS, Apple and Sony. But when that is said, this is fucking boonkers! I find this extremely funny and I cant wait to see hos this turns out. I guess I am alone in feeling this way?

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Will miss you Ryan, and where ever you are, fly that flag.

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What the fuck!! Europe has to pay 249 euros for this! That's $366, fuck you Sony... in fact fuck the videogame industry in general!

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@JohnPaulVann: You sir, are delusional. I am European and I understand where he's coming from, but I also understand that the biggest market has to get up first. Don't see racism in everything that you read, it will cheat you out of some very good experiences.

Just wanted to say that it's about time, and I cant help wonder if a company will ever create such an open platform as the PS3 was at launch ever again. I can't help but wonder why these brilliant people, because these hackers are indeed brilliant, can be so foolish. When a big company actually takes the chance to have an open platform, and then have to make it a little more closed because of hacking and piracy, they punish Sony for trying. Just another nudge towards a closed and watched internet. I should know, I live in Norway where the government has pushed through a law that grants them access to all internet traffic in the country, they can even go in and read my mail. People just don't think before they act anymore!
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1 no 10 no 240 no 489 no, ONE BILLION! Ehm, I recall my last guess, let's just say 1689?
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Rather have this instead of a movie tie-in TRON game... that thinks its Prince of Persia.

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Within a couple of weeks, maybe a month. I am going to start a minecraft server regardless of how this is going then. But if its still down, I guess I would try to get this one going again. Will be on a 10MBit upload speed, with a AMD Phenom x4 CPU at around 3.4 ghz, 4 gig of ram and a 40gig SSD. I am not sure if it will be good enough for European standards. But if its still down it would be worth a shot. ;)
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Using FF3, fully updated flash and java. The HD marker is highlighted but its still only 360p. Current connection is 15mbit down and 22mbit up. is the HD video feature still funky or is it my computer that's acting up?