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#1 Posted by Bjorn (98 posts) -

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2. Think Bad Company 2 is the number one sniper game. Despite Sniper: Ghost warrior wanting it different ;) But personally, I have about 200 hours "in-match" on Modern warfare 2, and its still hella fun. There are some drawbacks, but the combination of leveling and me being a lewt hussy makes me obligated to recommend it. Sniping is fun, but its not the main focus. Though you could easily spend 100+ hours with a Intervention sniper rifle and a M9 pistol. ;)

#2 Posted by Bjorn (98 posts) -

So "that's" where the streets have no name... Been wondering where that was.

#3 Posted by Bjorn (98 posts) -

Soccer... Hated it as a kid, can't live without now. Funny that.

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MB: That is what I would call "Hitting the nail on the head".
If you share you're game with another person you run the risk of getting suspended ore banned. C'est la vie duder's.

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Depends on how people use it. I like to use it once ore twice per-post. Depends on how big the post, talking about paragraphs here. Use it mostly to underline irony ore rhetorical questions. I agree that excessive use makes me just skip that post altogether.

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I used the arrow keys back when I played CS before CS 1.0... But I changed to WASD soon after that. Just more convenient with the number of buttons close to them, for example shift for crouch and space for jump. ESDF has more buttons closer to it... like the number buttons. Could be good for WoW and games that use the numeric buttons alot. I think my hand has grown to match the layout of WASD... creepy, just noticed that my ring finger on my left hand is slightly bendt towards the indexfinger :P Battlescars I tell ya!

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Recent ones include Call of Duty 4, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 and 2 and Halo 3... I really hope that CoD Modern Warfare 2 is longer than CoD4. Though the campaign is great, It was way to short...
Edit: TheGreatGuero, Its not that we've wanted to beat the game that fast. Some games are just that short... ore just that damn god to stop playing.

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Been listening to the podcast since Ryan started it at APD. Think most people have.

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Yeah, they said so. Its only people that you fight, it is confirmed.

#10 Posted by Bjorn (98 posts) -

There wasn't aliens in Far Cry was there? Just a mad scientist... and that's "totally" different...

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