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It’s a great game, but play the Originals first. 0

Well, I was skeptic when I heard that the next Commandos game was going to be a FPS. I thought they had blown it. And when I saw the GS score, I almost cried a little. So now that Steam had a packaged bundle. All the Commandos games for only $49,99 I thought what the hey. So, first thing's first: Gameplay this is why you would have to have played the original Commandos games to really understand what’s going on. "What the hell, if I crouch here those guys standing away won’t see me?" This is u...

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A remarkable atmosphere that suck's you in, despite the flaws. 0

Gothic 1 was among my favorite rpg's when it cam out. I thought it was really good, with full voice acting, a big world and multiple paths through the game. It was like Daggerfall, unfortunately, too much like Daggerfall. It was drenched with bugs that made it almost unplayable at times. Gothic 2 did improve on the bugs, but that’s about it. So let’s start with what people moan about the most, combat. It is extremely complicated, and if you don't read the manual, you are heading into deep water...

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