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More importantly, new U2 album! MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT, new U2 Talkin' U2 2 Me podcast in the future!!!!

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@elwood: Man I'm getting emotional just reading your description of this stuff.

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So I guess you guys are pretty happy there is that ring that makes you always appear human?

I have it, but I've never used it. I'm just always human.

Damn you're good. Awesome work on the character, by the way. Super hot. I'm jerking it over here.

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So I guess you guys are pretty happy there is that ring that makes you always appear human?

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My highest is like 20, it says "try right" which points out a semi hidden Soul of a Hero or something.

I think the most bizarre rating I've seen is next to the first bonfire in Iron Keep. It just says "Don't Give Up!" and had about 900 votes when I got to it. I guess at some point people just started piling on.

Is it annoying to have messages rated that high? That "your message has been rated" would be popping up constantly.

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@bkbroiler: Not the default dagger, that's pretty good; the Blackstone Flame Dagger or whatever.

Oooh, gotcha.

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I like them a lot, just makes the early game more interesting every time out; granted the "dagger" is actually just the weakest sword in the game but apart from that they're all reasonably useful early game weapons/shields.

The dagger is a pre-order bonus? Interesting. In any case, it can one hit kill TONS of enemies even way late in the game, if you backstab them. And I have a sorcerer with only like 10 str and 10 dex.

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@bkbroiler I can tell you now Fables drops off after the first story arc, but it's very long and great.

Thought I'd give you an update on my life, I'm about 30 issues into the comic and loving it. By far the longest I've ever read one. I don't think this will get me into comics because they're so damn expensive but this one is a lot of fun.

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This was my favorite episode, too. I particularly liked the battle rage section at the very end. I felt like Telltale did a great job of amping the player up to kill him, which is why there is such an even 50/50 split on it. I think players are conditioned not to kill characters in Telltale games, for fear of being yelled at by companions.

I do think Telltale has altered the storyline quite a bit between episode 1 and 2. However, I am still confident that it is going someplace interesting and felt Episode 3 kept the plot moving forward nicely. I'm so hooked on the Fables universe now I'm 20 issues into the comic!

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I have a feeling this is a bit of a controversial part of the series, but I like the feeling that Bigby is a bit of a hired goon who just needs direction and then can figure out the truth from there. He's not great at the big picture, but in a smaller scale he's good at his job. This can kind of be attributed to the player being lead through the game, but I feel like it adds to Bigby's character and his dynamic with Snow. No idea if the comic is like that or not.