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Loving these articles. Reminds me of early AV Club/The Dissolve.

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I'm a fan of the casual ARAM part of LOL. I find Heroes of the Storm super frustrating. It is entirely reliant on how good your team is, and how people work together. If your team doesn't want to go for objectives, and the enemy team does, you're going to lose. There is basically no opportunity for individual play, and I find that if you get behind, you lose.

Also, coming from LOL, I think the gameplay isn't that interesting. I enjoy controlling the heroes in LOL much more. HOTS is more about how many characters you can get into an individual fight.

I dunno. At first I was enjoying it a lot, but now I'm just annoyed by it. The "casual fun" isn't fun if you're losing hard, because it feels like there is nothing you can do. In League ARAM, I still have fun playing my character even when I'm getting dumped on.

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My only complaint is my obsessive need to find all the hidden stuff (and, at least with how I was playing Claire/Moira, somewhat necessary need) makes playing this somewhat tedious. I didn't really enjoy constantly switching back and forth to spot out enemies and hidden items that enjoyable. Otherwise, I feel like this will feel more like a complete game when, you know, it's over.

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Super bummed about this. RIP Harris.

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They mention a couple of times that they're capturing the game at 720, and it actually runs at 1080.

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I've literally only played like 10 minutes of this, but I love the direction they took the remaster. Just make it run on modern computers, make it look good on high resolution monitors. I'm glad they didn't do any complete remaking of the graphics, because, in my opinion, the art in this game is so great that it looks fantastic just mildly uprezzed.

In any case, this is my favorite game ever, and I mildly welled up when it unexpectedly showed up in my steam library to start installing, so maybe I'm not the most unbiased source here. Commentary seems awesome so far. Can't wait to play more.

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I love this

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More importantly, new U2 album! MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT, new U2 Talkin' U2 2 Me podcast in the future!!!!

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@elwood: Man I'm getting emotional just reading your description of this stuff.