bkbroiler's GOTY 2011

I've been playing a lot more video games since I started going to Giant Bomb, but I still don't play that many. However, I think this was a pretty strong year for games so I can still make a pretty decent sized list!

I still haven't played a lot of games I've wanted to. So that means Saints Row: The Third, Skyrim, AssRev, and perhaps a few others I've forgotten are not on this list. One day I'll get to them (maybe not Skyrim, though - we'll see).

I could only think of 9 games. L.A. Noire probably deserves a spot on there, and I played the shit out of that game, but honestly I'm so pissed off at how repetitive and rote it became over the course of the game that I'm leaving it off just to spite it. Take that, video game.

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