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What do you guys think will go on sale for the gaming platforms PSN XBL and Steam duringthe 4th of july? Or what Are you hoping to see on sale? 
Hopefully since its a new month PSN + content expands already (probably not since it just opened up though :( ) 
Im sure steam is going to sell something spankin new for cheap seeing as july 4th is there last day of the daily deals for the summer. 
XBL? I dunno havent used live in 2 years so im not aware of what could go on in their store. 
Sorry for all outside of US peoples for the boring topic :D

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i don't think they will use a micro transaction fee. If anything they would more likely use that on their older product (final fantasy 11) but they haven't yet touched it so i think your safe on that. and I agree with you on it being the only MMO work investing some greens into. I was interested in SWTOR until they started pulling CGIs out the ass not to mention I hate the art style they have taken in their game, I'm interested in the story and the multiple dialogues but do I really want to pay monthly for that?

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So not too long ago it was announced that FF XIV will be released on PC at the end of September, both a Collectors edition and a Standard edition. CE will include some goodies in-game and physical content as well as a early access code (allows entrance 6 days prior to standard  edition users). I found it pretty cool that the game already got to bestseller # 1 on video games in amazon in just a few hours. 
NOW for the bad news. The PS3 version has apparently been delayed until march 2011. This kind of contradicts the quote from their booth interview during e3 

  SE: Yes. At the launch it will be a worldwide simultaneous for the PS3 and Windows PC in all regions. We will have the same four languages that we had in FFXI. English, Japanese, German and French all released at the same time.

heres some info on the CE contents 
 -Account pricing for FF XIV can also be found here 
Amazon link     
Another source for the pc release and ps3 delay     
Personally I don't mind the delay I'll end up playing it on both platforms either way and I'll be enjoying yet another FF title but i know some people don't own good computers will be a little upset about this info. A friend of mine is pretty sure the rush for September is due to WoW releasing their new expansion. 
Its also rumored that the March date for PS3 could be shortened but still non the less delayed.
 What do you guys think? Also how many of you will be joining the world of Eorzea?
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I found the beta pretty weak myself. But i mean having to actually listen to the ads ingame is just a terrible idea, if anything it better be that slap chop remix commercial :l

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Im going to agree with Kane on this one. 
The RPG elements were fine and all that but why not stick to the roots of RPG style combats instead of a masked RPG as a shooter. Just because its labeled RPG dosnt mean my aim should be forced to shit. Sure you might need points to make it better but why does it have to take that long to get to that point? I would kill myself if i missed 60% of the time in a final fantasy game or baldurs gate. Even morrowind wasnt that cruel.

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i also heard that another reason for this is the 6GB install limit on the xbox..... kinda silly on Microsofts part

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why are people expecting a psp2? i dont get it. 
BTW hoping for Hideo to reveal ZOE or a brand new adventure :3

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FINALLY..... an MK I can look forward to that has the cyborgs in them aswell!!!!!!!!! Its about time they went to doing what the used to, all this 3d arena nonsense was bugging me. Hopefully the fatalaties are just as or more brutal too 

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give him your address and wait :3 
That or you could just not reply works fine everytime