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  Ghost are spirits who died an unclean death and wasn't allowed in heaven due to hostility. However sometimes ghost will visit you, they are demons. They can impersonate the dead, that's the interesting thing. Ufos are demonic phenomenons, not space craft. There is a devil and he has alot of fallen angels, he was kicked on earth like the bible said.  
Of course I am not telling to belive my tin foil theory, it's just during my research into the illuminati, occult and paranormal i've discovered these things on youtube and I find it fasinating.  
Lady gaga said when she was doing alot of drugs and nearly gave up, a spirit of her dead relative, around her age said she will help lady gaga. A ghost in her sleep, she then changed because you see demonic freemasonary symbols everywhere in her videos.  
Oh right here is a video as my evidence, remember, I have no proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, however I have evidence to support my theories.  


I'm starting to think you've been possessed, by a crazy person.
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Good, It's great they are focusing on new versions of the API.

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I don't care, to me it's just a button, I don't need to look at it.

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Telling an American 9/11 was a conspiracy is like telling a Jew the Holocaust never happened. I've herd some thought provoking things from these so called "idiot"  9/11 conspiracy theorist but most people just wont listen. I personally think some questions need answering, but nobody seems willing to answer them, we are only left to wonder why that is... 

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" Company of Heroes SP was fucktons better than Starcraft 2.  Ditto Dawn of War 2 and even World in Conflict.  Starcraft 2 SP is fine for what it is, but it's only a 10 year old game design with a fresh coat of paint - take the brands off the box and the media wouldn't have looked twice at it.  The RTS genre hasn't drawn a whole lot of mainstream attention in recent years, but it's been ticking over quite nicely.  My pick of the bunch would be the Soldiers/Faces/Men of War series - it's ridiculous how fun those games are when you combine the gameplay with the fully co-opable campaigns.  It's like somebody set out to build an RTS without being tainted by all of the conventions and baggage that the genre has picked up over the years.  Kinda hard to describe - it's like an RTS set in a totally dynamic action game engine.  Oh, and that bit with the dog at the start of SC2?  Totally lifted from Soldiers: Heroes of WW2. "
Totally agree with the Soldiers/Faces/Men of War series. In my opinion out of all the RTS's that try and create realistic WWII combat Men of War is the best. It also has, in my opinion the best physics in any RTS game, and I'm sure it's a fact that they are the most sophisticated. I remember throwing a molotov cocktail at a tree by a block of buildings, the flames then spread to the closest house and after about 10 minutes the whole block was on fire. When you have this amount of detail in an RTS it really opens up a lot of gameplay options.
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I've never even been to America, but I'll choose San Diego simply because it sounds cooler.

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Mine would have to be "fuck" too. When I get really frustrated I say it a lot.

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No, I think Glee makes shit songs even more shitty.

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" Ambidextrous as fuck. "
Same here, we're special.
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" You'd be surprised how much of this is determined in high school, the popular people end up as business men, the nerds end up as IT guys or other specialty worker, and the normal people just end up normal. This is why there's so many nasty parents coaching their kids how to win social games. "
I thought the popular kids where the ones that end up in shitty jobs?