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I came back just to say this is awesome. YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO ME!!!!?

Seriously though, that's pretty great, awesome job. ;)

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Reading this thread makes me remember why I rarely come here anymore and why the Screened community is so awesome.

Anyway, as long as BB respect the hard work Rorie put into that site and keeps making it as awesome if not more than he made it and the communitty stays then Screened will remain the coolest place for online movie conversation. I'm sure Rorie will do well in the future, he is a talented writer and a really fun personality.

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If Nintendo doesn't make a new Wave Race for the WiiU I'm going to be really disappointed.

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There's nothing that can compare to the brilliance that is Woddy Allen's stand-up in the 60s and early 70s.

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I recently got an offer to work in a documentary about the Mexican war on drugs for Venezuelan tv. Even though it was good money I downright refused, it would've required me to spend two months in Mexico and be in some really shitty places. I got to read some of the info that had been collected and it is ridiculous, the whole South of Mexico is completely controlled by the cartels, and worst of all, they are spreading to Guatemala and the rest of central america. And these aren't just any cartels, these are some of the most violents groups in the world right now.

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I always only cared about the community, and over the last year or so it has become more and more like the Gamespot community, except you can curse. So even if they merge, for me it wouldn't be a big change.

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@Video_Game_King: Isn't there a Gianbomb user called SpikeSpiegel? That might explain it.

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You assume that I can control it. However, watching a comedy movie does distract me for a while.

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Just a Little Less Conversation by Elvis always get the job done.

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@ian280291: Jesus necromorphing christ dude. That comment is 3 years old!