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@The_Ruiner: I believe strider has a crappy nes version as well so technically it is not an exclusive game to genesis

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would have still gone after the kid legally. Some serious threats were thrown around. Hes17 so it would be expunged depending on the court dates, but hed deserve every bit of punishment

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@BisonHero: but its a decision they made. I think part of it was pressure, but as well their friend troy dixon dying who was a main character in the show. Thats when they stopped the web series. I think they felt they had enough canadian audience base looking at the attendance of their live premieres and it just ended up not being what they wanted. I mean the show as well was made with a broader audience in mind which in my opinion made it more close to something like a big bang show (still better) which pretty much destroyed the style from which the show was birthed. Hopefully this will make a change and probably will considering it wouldn't be under the thumb of showcase.

Comparing them to a red vs. blue is just about right. They even did a nod to rooster teeth in the show.

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@FluxWaveZ: Its a special series to me too. The show more took an abrupt turn when they're friend Troy Dixon, the guy who played tbag (great character by the way) was killed in a car accident. That made them do an abrupt turn to standard television. RIP Troy.

I dont normally put money into indiegogo or kickstarter either, but ive been waiting for this movie years as they had done some small inclings towards doing a movie while they were making the web series, but they just didn't go through, but now it is so im excited.

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@FluxWaveZ: they sort of did trying to go for television route. They had a season on showcase, but it just didnt get the appeal enough from purely a canadian audience

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if you enjoy video games you came to the right place

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why ive moved away from my 360. Last time I turned it on was to play catherine. If I had a ps3 or if it came out on pc then it would have been a much longer time since I turned it on. Most any game they offer is better served in the steam edition. Cheaper, better looking, and I can still use the 360 controller if I want. I dont have to deal with the xbox interface or the subscription charge either.

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@MildMolasses: thank you as well for the link. Much appreciated help. Its things like that that make a better community.

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well considering that video games make more money than music and movies combined. the reason people Like the fps genre so much is because we live in the first person perspective. It is the closest perspective games have to the perspective we live in our whole lives, its only natural people feel more natural in it. that doesn't necessarily mean other genre's are dying either. Game trends has ebbs and flows, it just seems like the fps genre is so dominant because it has been the most consistant genre in its popularity.