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it'll be in may next year. seeing their track record, its a solid guestimate.

GTA san andreas was the last time they put a game out in the holiday window

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@Packie: I did not realise this. This definitly gives me a better idea about the game. I think i'll enjoy it. I liked dark messiah, even with all its flaws and bugs

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Its all cg, but im pretty excited seeing what they've done. The artstyle is pretty friggin' cool, hopefully they keep up with the way the vehicles and whatnot look

What do you guys think?

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I can understand why they throw adam and jamie all over the site, kind of making it look like its theres. It still looks really weird knowing really will and norm are the real founding of tested

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@themangalist: it does get annoying sometimes. idk its just a word though so I tend to block it out in the same way I block out ads mentally. Should there be a rule not to do that?

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@believer258: they hold up as long as you still have context to the time period in which it was released. It happens with most any previous generation game. Its still really fun, its like what Brian said in the interview the driving is a bit wonky feeling compared to how vehicles play in current games. The visuals of course wont be the same and a few frustrations in the saving/mission systems (i.e. dying in a mission having to reload a save and drive all the way back to the mission marker to start it from the beginning again. If you can get over a few things like that its still an awesome game. I did the same stuff as brian did. Driving around the city with that radio going has something to it.

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lego fear and loathing in las vegas, definitly not E rated though.

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So I was watching the asuras wrath quicklook and at about 34:29 a giant boss starts talking and instantly the voice reminds me of the mummy from aqua teen hunger force. I doubt its the same voice actor, but its pretty damn close :p

Am I crazy? Am I hearing something thats not there?

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@mosespippy: what about flamin hot?

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doesnt really have that ryan davis sound I would imagine if he did make electronic music