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@supernando:  well its a specified vocabulary. Its like when fable lost chapters on pc has an option for american english or british english. meh Ive seen it in games since I was 9 so really it didnt shock me as anything different
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pc gaming is not dead. steam is the pure proof of this. They have a business model that not only circumvents the used market, but brings more to the table than any other service including xbox live. DRM that actually satisfies customers. I know I am, besides why the fuck would I buy an xbox360 game when I can get it on sale for 5 bucks on steam instead of 30 or 40 buck on xbox.
There are bigger online communities on counterstrike source than modern warfare 2 at this point. There are pc games with staying power while most games communities on xbox live are dead within the first year. the only exceptions have been games like halo and somewhat call of duty, though those aren't exactly common

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meh dont have much love for america. Of course the settlers took my families land and forced them to live in shacks that werent up to code living a poor life for over 100 years

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oh god. So many defining games :X I mean your talking ps2 and xbox 360 era. damn.
Though I will say ps2 felt like it has more truly story driven games than 360. 360 to me while I love it alot feels
more like a micheal bay like machine (constant explosions, not much depth) while ps2 was more like   Akira Kurosawa  with some 
Quentin Tarantino thrown in from some of the over the top games like god hand.
I just cant pick though im indecisive as it is and with so many defining games this decade I couldnt give an honest answer.

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try working with dreamweaver if you can get a copy. It helps that you have experience with html because thats basically what its doing. 
HTML and flash are very good things to know for building a website.

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Nope, never experienced it ever on either the 360 or the pc

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socialism is merely a line on the gradient line of government control. Basically socialism is government control while capitalism is less government control, but focused in a specific area (seperation of government and business) I tend to like to have freedoms (socialism doesn't mean no freedoms or even less freedoms), but different forms of government work for different countries in different situations.

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*plays classic doom soundtrack* LETS DO THIS!!!

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Space station 13 looks like they need to call the ghostbusters!!! 
As for call of duty, yeah my game crashes all the time if its anything other than safe mode and I just built a brand new computer with a radeon 5850 which works great with everything else. 
It was crashing on me last night even.