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I like how it describes activision as an independent game publisher

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@byterunner: feigning interst is tens of hours being invested into a game? They may joke alot for entertainment sake as they do with alot of topics, but to say when vinny putting in a good 30 hours into dark sould is a feigning interest. Or the crazy amount of endurance run videos for persona then idk how much time you have on you but thats a pretty big fuck load of time to me. I think to call that feigning is fucking obsurd

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I think they like Jrpgs, just not in the way you want. They like certain games like persona 4 and dark souls, but as far as going ape shit over alot of jrpgs its not happening like you want

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first thing that came to mind is an old spec ops game I bought when I was little

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Twisted Metal. Happy Valentine's Day baby.


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no but sometimes ill have music going that drowns out most of it

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I love seeing video stuff like this. Makes me feel lazy and want to jump back into some 3ds max

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: would it by any chance have to do with the lack of any real auto save? I loved it as a kid when I bought it. Going back to became difficult because the very reason of being used to auto-saving now. Auto-saves have become such a norm and give some good safety net if you forget to save, but after playing red faction for 2 hours forgetting to save then dying having no save to go back to kind of soured my reminiscence even though in a way I should understand auto-saving wasn't that common of a thing at that time.