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bad use of the unreal3 engine 0

This game first off looks really interesting in a strange way. Its dark, it looks competent, but its when you actually get the controller and start playing when the disappointment settles in. This game is lack luster and a disappointment in many levels. The story is a strange and rather an excuse for a purpose to play than a legitimate story. You are part of a paranormal task force that has the new task of going to these ruins in the desert that have immense amount of paranormal activity. This q...

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some sort of addictiveness 0

I have to admit this is my first burnout game. Known to be one of the best arcade racers, I decided to pick up burnout revenge to keep my collection as varied as possible. Keeping the expectations low I ended up spending 3 hours on my first sit down. This continued on. The gameplay is of some sort of addiction. The particle effects add to the sense of speed. The sheer sense of speed is in the range of blinding. The one big problem with game is the loading time. This is par for all games using th...

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Fun for good short bursts 0

After Burner brought from the arcades to the home consoles is a great port... as long as you have a flight stick. The sega version of this game is well done clear cut port from the arcades, though isn't as immersive as sitting in the arcade cabinet. This game requires a flight stick though. It has little entertainment value with the standard with the standard controller.   After Burner is still able to hold the over the top action fun of its arcade predecessor... As long as you have a flight-st...

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peak of the series 0

Worms has always been a goofy sort of game. Team 17 has almost exclusively been making worms games since its original conception and Armageddon is the peak of the series. For many reasons this is a great game. It took the graphical structure of worms 2 and expanded user control exponentially. There are two main modes for this version of worms. The campaign mode and challenge mode are both entertaining in their own ways. The challenge mode is really a series of puzzles that use the different item...

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A classic of shooters 0

There are games in a life time that may help shape the perception of tastes and preferences of what a good games should be. As a young boy this was one of those games. In this game you start a young cadet named Sanjuro waking up having to report for duty. The story starts simple, but ends with interesting sudden twists that left me a little baffled at the end how the story arcs sped up more rapidly.  As you can see from the description of this game it is a science fiction game reminiscent of an...

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