Who was in charge of the controller layout for...

Who was in charge of the controller layout for Splinter Cell Conviction? 

I know this has probably been mentioned many times before, but I mean for gods sake everything is upside down, I can't recall how many times during the heat of battle I've reverted to my instincts and tapped X to reload and ended up throwing a friggin grenade down on the floor below me. The current scheme is not to my liking at all, I'm very sure that if the control scheme was much more conventional this game would do better for me.  Also I'd like to be able to flip the camera from shoulder to shoulder like the previous games. 
I propose the following option, or at least an option to reset them:   
  • Left Stick = Movement
  • Right Stick = Look
  • LT = Cover
  • RT = FIRE
  • LB = Mark
  • RB = Execute
  • Left Click = Change Shoulder view for camera, or return camera if off centre by x value
  • Right Click = Aim Down Sights (While down sites LT is hold breath)
  • DPAD UP = Sonar Goggles
  • DPAD LEFT = Gadget Toggle Left
  • DPAD RIGHT = Gadget Toggle Right
  • DPAD DOWN = Weapon Change/Holster
  • Y = Use Gadgets
  • B = Crouch
  • A = Interact/Take Down/Interrogate/Jump
  • X = Reload

What do you think?

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Pre Review...Review

 I wanted to make a few notes regarding my time with Bad Company 2 for Xbox 360. I will write a proper review once I have time, but for now here are my notes: 


Level Lengths just right, interesting enough.
Weapons, aiming feels better, smoother.
Controls are laid out much better.
Story actually interesting and purpose driven, doesn't feel as pointless.
Vehicles control much better now, feel weighty and heavy, instead of light and bouncy.
Helicopters are better to fly, but still suffer dumb ass mistakes like rudder control (left and right spin) on the same stick as pitch (tilt forwards and back).


Slow weapon change, reload, etc button reaction times. Game sometimes feels artificially slow to react to inputs.
Pathetic Hit Detection in SP and MP. Jesus H Christ is it bad sometimes in SP when you're hitting a dude who's moving around, you almost have to wait for his animation to finish before you can take a decent shot.
Sniper bullet drop only effective after so far. So you sometimes aim too high when it seems the target is far away enough to justify raising your shot.
Clipping issues on geometry, especially in MP. Getting stuck on a small rock or step in multi-player can be the difference between life and death and just feels bad.
Reload times are painfully slow, just not fun to watch. I've almost torn my own scalp off waiting for the reload to finish.
Splash damage from tank shells is too small. Tank shells will land 1 metre away from an enemy and he will keep on running....?
Balance issues in multi-player. I have played too many games defending a base and just had our entire teams ass ripped out from under us by a chopper which we are unable to take down easily.
Hardcore mode not fully fleshed out (spotting when no map?). Hardcore mode feels tacked on. There are spot points, but no way to check the map for them other than pause the game? If you're going to go through the trouble of hardcore mode, why show the map at all, even in the pause screen, just feels unfinished, not fully thought out.
Sniper rifle damage in normal mode online = pathetic. I chased a guy and snipered him, clean hits, must have been 4-5 shots till he dropped. Hardcore = 1 shot kill.
No reward for working in squads or working properly as team. There isn't enough reward for working in a squad or working properly towards goals in teams. Everyone lone guns it and you just always lose.
People just sniping and not capping flags or defending. Nothing is worse than being overwhelmed while trying to defend your bases because half your team is sat out on the hills around the base trying to snipe enemies and not doing a good enough job to justify their absence from the actual defence battle.
Straight to scope animation is painfully slow. When sniping, when you pull LT to view down scope, it just feels like the character is taking way to long to do it, you can spot an enemy, go down scope, and in time it takes to pull scope to your eye, you're frigging dead!
No Helicopter tutorial before on-line, should be forced. (if skipped means you dont have pilots licence and can't fly the chopper online).
Conquest  mode = pointless. More points for killing enemies than capping flags.
Utterly ridiculous spawn areas = pure spawn killing, fish in a barrel. I spent the last few mins of a round once spawning in same spot and being stabbed by an enemy that was standing right next to the spawn point and just spawn killing us, how the hell does that even happen in a game that's out in 2010? 
Proper review soon. Game looking at a 7/10 possibly an 8/10 depending how Single Player pans out, but its looking to be a very fun campaign so far.