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COD2 was such a tough act to follow, can Treyarch live up to it? 0

The first thing to notice upon completing Call of Duty 3 was how short the Campaign is. You'll finish it in less than 8 hours on any average difficulty. The missions are relatively short and have live-saving checkpoints after nearly all the objectives. That’s not to say the game isn't tough, because there are several moments which will have you tearing your hair out.  This brings me to the difficulty issues. Many of the levels are fairly straight forward, go here, do this sort of stuff, fight Ge...

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Halo 3 Campaign Only Review 0

I'll focus on several aspects in my review which I feel are important in any game, So let's begin. The Story. Continuing on from the end of Halo 2, which was very much disappointing, Master Chief had just arrived back at Earth to 'Finish the Fight', we see his ship crash into Earth's atmosphere and down in the jungle. You then find out that the Covenant have been excavating a huge hole in a part of the earth near New Mombasa. They've uncovered a huge Forerunner device, The Ark. This Ark is the...

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Battlefield to the Future! 0

Capping Flags, Earning Points, EMPs, Invisible Dudes, Exploding Titans, Pulse Rifles, Hover Tanks, TITANS!!!Basically Battlefield is a similar premise to Counter-Strike, its a Multiplayer only gameplay, there is a single player element but its just the same with bots. Battlefield 2142 is a standalone game as aposed to counterstrike which is a mod for half-life. Battlefield 2142 is a really simple premise that has never changed, there a number of bases on the maps, you travel to the base, stick ...

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