No Need to Worry

Concerning my joining the TreyBrotherhood.  
Its a joke vid I'm doing one for each system lol
  My 360 didn't RROD I just unlplugged the back and put my finger over the one light so you can't see all 4 flashing. So it seems as if I RROD'd lol


Fanboys on Youtube are ridiculous

Trey Brotherhood members are some of the most ridiculous fanatics of gaming I have ever seen in my entire life. Its like if you don't love your PS3 unconditionally then you must burn in hell or receive hundreds of insults based on completely irrelevant or misinformation.
360 Republic isn't as bad but I keep getting a crap load of PM's saying video respond to this guy or that guy. But then again I get offers to join the TreyBrotherhood as well.
Oh those Trey members are so angry over Gamespot for some reason. The place that gave MGS4 a 10.0 and GOTY. Who knows why they hate it but I don't try and understand the fanboy just laugh at them.

That pain in the ass was twice a bandodger

So I don't really blog a lot anymore but from some old contacts of mine over a game of Gears of War 2 I was told some recent information. Remember in my days of SW that guy Swift_Boss_A who used to just troll his Sony ways across the board reporting my every post and all my blogs even to stoop this low. 
Well turns out that dude is a bandodger. Not just bandodging once but twice. It all started when I was told to check his sig. The one .gif with the "Fist of the North Star" well when you follow his photo bucket it goes to "AB_Uppercut by Mantis-A" Now lets check if Gamespot has users by those two names.
Both are banned users as you can see.    
Here is a post by AB_Uppercut. As you can see all of his photobucket links lead to AB_uppercut by Mantis-A as of now the links are broken but you can see that he linked them there.

Notice the image up there on Gamespot's search? Yup thats the same guy that is currently in his sig from "Fist of the North Star"  as you can see here. You can go here to this thread in System Wars
You can clearly see he likes Fist of the North Star and uses the same .gif in his sig.  



As you can see both have images of  Kenshiro. His exact .gif was in his AB_uppercut photobucket but all of his images suddenly disappeared. I wonder why. They say that the mods are always fair at gamespot but you know that crap isn't true. Five days after people told me they informed the mods there was no action and yet someone he knows to switch his .gifs address from his photobucket to imageshack while clearing his photobucket. GUFU has some shady people I tell you.
  As you can see here his photobucket has been cleared of all images with help from what seems to be a GUFU memeber of all people.

See what happens when you type in AB_Uppercut in Google? Yup leads you straight to Kenshiro same thing as Swift_Boss_A

See the second pic of Snake in this picture and the third picture of Snake in the previous photo? Oh wait thats right they are the same exact picture of Snake one with "Swift_Boss_A" and the other with "AB_Uppercut" 
But if that does not catch your eye then here is something that is completely irrefutable factual evidence. 
See this thread by Swift_Boss_A? Look at those pictures.
See the Address of the snake pictures? 
See the Address of the Chun Li picture? 
See the Address of the Travis picture? 
Oh wait they all go back to Mantis-A don't they? But isn't Mantis-A banned?  
That's what I thought.
The writing is on the wall. Swift_Boss_A is a two time bandodger. Once formerly AB_Uppercut and again as Mantis_A. 
But I do give props though. The guy set out what he said he was going to do. He was going to even out System Wars so that the people who showed a blind passion for Sony would equal to that who weren't as blind as him. 
Unfortunately this guy did get the job done digging in my blogs and through tons of my posts racking me up some fierce moderations. So for that I do have to give him props. I do kinda miss Gamespot but now the place seems to be some hellish double standarded dicatorship where mods have such a huge window of discression.
I do wish I could talk to Yo_Foo again. Man if he ever came back he'd be heart broken that I am now gone.
Mac my brotha! Justice! :)

KOF XII Impressions

I've been waiting for a while for this. For far too long have I told people every where based on the KOF02 Terry quote. "This is KOF, ENJOY IT!" But what I am finding is a game that I am not enjoying for the $60 I paid on.

Man I was so freaking excited for this game, my facebook status says, "Today marks the destruction of the English language, Trucker caps, Chuck Taylor All Stars, and trade mark Engrish catch phrases. This is KOF, enjoy it!" I was ready for Terry's and CO's return and I was definately looking forward to this but man I was let down.

22 characters. Seems like a lot but not a lot for KOF standards.
Where is my Geese Howard? Rugal? K'? Mai? Seems like some really good characters were left out and yet some obscure crappy ones some how go in.
Where is my story mode?
Where are the cheap SNK boss fights?
Hidden characters?
There are only 6 stages.....
Wtf is up with the move list? I couldn't wait to bust out my favorite move of Terry's. BUHSTA WOOOOF!. QCF x2 -> K.  QCF x2 -> K. ?????? WTF? Oh wait maybe they changed the moves inputs let me check. WTF ITS NOT THERE!!!!

Talk about a bummer no ******** Buster Wolf. I waited so long or ARE YOU OKAY!? BUSTER WOLF! My sadness is overwhelming.....

So I continue playing and the gameplay for the most part is good. The game is the smoothest fighter I've ever played and its by far the prettiest and seemless 2D sprite fighter ever. Animations are beautiful and unmatched. Moves look amazing and everything looks great. But frustration set in a again with Mr. Bogard.

I try Power Dunk.....I SAID POWER DUNK!  SRK motion + K.....WTF? *Checks move list* NOOOOOOOO! They took power dunk away too!? AHHHHHHH! Then I try power charge waiting to see if Terry says Power charge or Changin! ->, -> P.... -> -> P..... dammit work! *Checks move list*  .......... you must be joking.....

But back to the main gameplay its good, fluent, with a great pace and is beautiful in action. The 3v3 battles are cool and even better you can get 5 friends and each play each other with each person controlling one character. Better yet you can do this online as well. But the button line is that I can't recomend this game to someone with such barebone features when BlazBlue and Street Fighter IV are out. They are just more feature rich then this game.

Quite frankly KOFXII imo is like a BETA test for the franchise in the next gen. Hopefully KOFXIII fixes all of this but man unless you're a fighting fanatic I can't say that I recomend this game otherwise with the competition out.

Yeah and SNK still hasn't improved their crappy music in the KOF series either. Shame on them and Capcom. I hate crappy fighting music. I need some tunes to get hype too.


BlackBond at the Court

So just another day at the courts. 20 guys 4 teams and a lot of people who hate waiting to play so everyone wants to win. A bunch of whiners, criers, and wannabe pretty boys that cry and moan every time they are fouled (even if they aren't) and shout out in disgust and throw out insults when someone calls them for a foul.

So my team drops the first game thanks to our stupid zone but when our turn comes up again we play man. This guy on the other team he's been talking crap on me all day. You're soft, you're weak, ect. Every time this guy sets a pick he throw and elbow or a jab into your kidney's, your ribs, under your chin ect. All the while laughing it off claiming that you're weak and that you're a wuss ect. Oh but he should have known he had another thing coming.....

So I get tired of this guy and a double screen was set. So I was like hey he's a short guy I'll set up a blind side pick. BAAAAM! He runs face first right into my elbows and boy was he PISSED LOL!

He gets in my grill and starts jawing saying he's gonna beat my *** this and beat my *** that. I simply told him for someone that claims I'm soft and weak you're doing a lot of crying aren't you? So he keeps on going on and on talking about it and I repeat myself over and over, "Stop crying, Stop whining, play the game" My goodness this guy literally took 20 minutes out of the game with his routine ******** and moaning.

So he gets up into my face again and he's like I swear I'll punch you in the face. So I tell him since you've sworn now you have to do it and proceed to get down on my knees infront of him to get down to his level (of height lol)

He gets pissed as a bunch of people are holding him back. So at this point I'm bored and tired because this game is taking freaking forever. You ever see that Reggie pic where he just holds his hands up in like a whatever pose? I did that, and as I'm turning away this guy hits me with a right hook across my face........

My feet don't buckle, my body doesn't move, my head moves but a couple inches. After recieving this punch to the back side of my left portion of my face I look at him and say, "Is that the best you have?" (Wesker FTW LOL) while proceeding to laugh.

He looks at me and gets in my face claiming that was a warmup love tap it was just a jab.

"Really? I mean because jabs hit straight not on the side of the face you know lol."

He gets even more mad and gets in my face and tells me if I don't fight him then I'm a *****.  I continue to laugh. I tell him if I fought him then I'd be a *****. I mean how could I not call myself a ***** if I fought a guy with hands as soft as pillows LOL.


I mean really talk about embarassing. I mean I'm no Mike Tyson but if I had a free shot against a soft body I would make you feel it.

So the crowd is getting restless and they want a fight. Calling me a ***** ect. Yeah go figure the guy who takes a punch standing laughing is more of a ***** then someone who can't hurt anyone!

So what happened next was even better. All those guys who were like "Galiber you're such a wuss, a *****, ect." Oh they all got hard fouls. Oh yes the very hard ones. You want to whine and complain and call people *****'s oh prepare yourself for hard fouls and pavement!

Oh whats that? More whining and crying? Oh I'm playing too rough? Oh wait the ***** sent you to the ground hurt?

Freaking for real should I call your mommy!

I get so disgusted with people at the court. Hypocrites, showoffs, whiners, criers, complainers, people who talk and can't back. Yeah I'm a ***** but when I increase the physicality of the game they whine. And seriously if you're gonna hit someone when their not looking. Make sure they aren't laughing at how laughable your punch is lol.


Killzone 2 9.0 at GS

I'm not really surprised but I'm sure as hell impressed with the critical reception that this game is receiving. I mean lets be real on this. There were a lot of doubters, a lot of people who thought it would be crap, and a lot of people who just didn't want to hype the game and instead decided to wait it out.

Initially I was one of the people that thought it would be crap. I mean the CGI passed off for real time, the PS3 struggling graphically at the time, the PS3 underperforming compared to the 360 and lastly coupled with Killzone 1 didn't  leave me feeling confident.

*Chicago Cubs fan above lol*

Then on top of that you had the Mad Cows on the scene. These guys were praying, hoping, going to church,  just trying to find anything in order to hype this game. So circa 2007 I asked myself and I asked others? Wtf are you hyping? Graphics? Because really what else have you seen? You haven't seen game modes, vehicles, multiplayer, online options. Nobody had seen anything but the CGI trailer and even then the game was hyped to the moon.  So in the end of this early going stages I made ignorant remarks towards this game. With lines from what I remember why are people hyping this garbage or something like that. Essentially in my eyes a game that hadn't yet shown anything shouldn't be a game to be given so much hype.

So 2008 rolls around. Still really not that much Killzone 2 information and yet the hype train is still going strong even inspite of Insomniac showing off their new Resistance Fall of Man 2 game. This game was announced after Killzone 2 and yet it was coming out before it. Insomniac even laid out the ground work and showed us everything from campaign, to multiplayer, to indepth demonstrations. Now given the fact that a proven FPS dev in Insomniac is showing off their game while we still don't know anything about KZ2 to me was just mind boogling.

*What in the hell?*

I mean you have Killzone 2 a sequel to a bad game from an unproven FPS dev and yet this game is still recieving more hype then RFOM2 the sequel to a pretty good FPS that launched on the PS3. My mind set, what in the hell are people thinking!?

Regardless of others opinions after I attacked this game on early for what many could see as reasonable claims I decided to back off a bit. I wasn't going to hype Killzone 2 but I wasn't going to put it down either. I decided to take a wait and see approach. If its good then hell yeah its good. If its bad then well hey I wasn't stupid enough to hype a game by an unproven FPS dev that had failed to deliver before. I mean really no matter how good the game could have turned out to be to me it was never something that deserved to be hyped. It was something that I just hoped turned out well.


So here we are mid-late 2008. Positive preview are coming out, we are actually getting to see the alpha, demonstrations ect and yes I start to get curious. This game may not live up to the hype that the mad cows have put towards it but hey I realize that this game isn't going to land in the same ocean as the previous. Its around this time that the fanboyism on all sides started getting a little crazy. I mean you have lemmings going on and on about Killzone 2 and Halo 3 and how yada yada yada its not gonna be the **** yeah we all know. But this was also the time of one of the most hilarious comments by cows or any other fanboy faction.

"Killzone 2 has better graphics then Crysis!"

In all seriousness how the **** dumb can you be? There isn't a console game out there that is going to outperform Crysis on a technical level. It just isn't possible. Then you have all these mad cows jumping up and down making threads comparing Crysis to Killzone 2 with claims on how Killzone 2 looks better. Really it was just a sad attempt. Almost as sad as Gamespot giving out its most "Technical Graphics" Award to Metal Gear Solid 4 instead of Crysis Warhead. Hell I'll even go as far as to put lemmings thinking that Gears of War 2 looked better then Killzone 2 and the few that thought it looked better then Crysis.

Its just simple logic here folks. When it comes to down what is technically the best looking game Crysis cannot be beaten by a console game. 512 MB RAM simply cannot accomplish it.

Anyway after tons and tons of posts that keep going on about that stupid subject you obviously got Hermits going out of their way with Crysis pics and consolites whining and crying but hey what can you do.

But let me change things back to Killzone 2 and away from the stupidity and industry hampering plague that is fanboyism.

Killzone 2 is being shown off. We now have details about the campaign, multiplayer, story, modes, and hell now even a Beta is out so we can test it. Unfortunately for me my PS3 is at home and being in College I wasn't afforded the opportunity to test the Beta out. But from the GUFU IRC the opinions I got from the game were rather positive so dare I say has this been the turning point? No longer do I have to listen to the hopes and prayers of blind fanboys as legit gamers I know that have balanced opinions seem to generally be having a positive reaction. Interesting indeed.

So now the time has come. The offical Killzone 2 sticky. A sticky that I believe I have never even posted in. I mean I was planning my whole dramatic entrance but sadly due to over sensitive posters who think this is a game of war and moderators who can literally spin and make up their own rules to the game things just didn't turn out the way it could have.

So day after day goes by. I'm still doing my thing. Going to class, studying, basketball, hanging out, GUFU IRC every now and then. It seems like the Killzone 2 review is never going to come and to be honest I'm just tired of watching lemming and cow go at it by now.

It would be nice if logical discussion could actually be viewed in a thread instead of it being some brawl or Unroyal Rumble (It can't be Royal without your King)

So after constant waiting and waiting I actually forget about the review all together. I come back to SW and am like oh crap KZ2 got a 9.0! Sure enough I go to the GUFU IRC to explain the good news yet of course I was already late. All of GUFU already knew before me lol.

Yeah see these glorious images of Cryme Tyme? Sorry Lemmings no Cryme Tyme on this one this game didn't flop it freaking met the hype so yeah there's no complaining from me but you know what there is?

*A Freaking Celebration*

I mean I'll admit. Based upon my early presumptions of this game I would have never guessed it would have turned out like this. I was more or less thinking the AA Range and not the AAA Range. I mean after all Insomniac didn't hit AAA on their first try and I believe that they are more talented then Guerilla Games.

To be honest I gotta say cows should really be running with this one. RFOM1, RFOM2, and Killzone 2. Being that most FPS these days are multiplat across everything but the Wii I gotta say that the PS3 has more critically acclaimed exclusive FPS then the 360.

Take it for how you will.

Note: Interestingly enough when I copied my blogs from GS to here the .gifs work. Otherwise posting pics and .gifs here is a hassle. A hassle I haven't quite figured out yet so bare with me. I'll be adding .gifs when I well figure it out heh.


BlackBond is no more

BlackBond is no more

You know it comes to the point where you ask yourself. Why do you do the things you do? Do you do it for others? Do you do things for yourself? Or do you really just not have any sort of motivation.

BlackBond used to be that poster that cared nothing about anyone but himself. But then he came to think of others. He joined GUFU and set out on his own going battle against fanboyism, comedic entertainment, and just bringing some much needed logic and a fresh change of pace to SW.

That's what BlackBond liked to do and to be honest he didn't just do it for himself he also did it for you.

Heck BlackBond was so successful he even garnered the appreciation of the masses becoming a knowledgable, feared yet loved, well respected Poster.

To the point of even being accoladed these awards.

System Wars Awards

LULZ, King, Hero, and Unique TC. Not that it means anything really but BlackBond appreciates the love. Just think of it as, "King Bond Hero of SW" yeah that sounds right.

But even with these titles things never really changed and really why let them. Sure BlackBond goes by King Bond over at the GUFU IRC but its all good and fun. But then something happened.

But there isn't any appreciation for the finer things. Things such as logic, sensible comedy, intelligence, debate, and above all else fun. Instead you have you havewould SW being like a 30 man knife fight in a pitch black dorm room.

But not only that....You have legitiment disrespect for a Hero and a King. Nobody says you have to respect anybody but to disrespect someone and personally is another matter.

For all the praise one gets he will also see that amount of hatred from the opposite side of the spectrum. But now its not just the opposite side of the spectrum its nearly all and this doesn't have really anything to do with fanboyism. To think and to se some of the things that go on here has grown on to the point of being bored and tired.

How many times can one call me arrogant?

Talk about my race?

The color of my skin?

The fact that I own lots of games and I post on a game forum

Call me a nerd when you are on a game forum.

BlackBond is an (explicit)

Make racial comments.

Call me a hypocrite

Call me a liar

Call me dishonest

BlackBond can't lead

BlackBond will ruin things

You're so full of yourself

And all while never being able to prove it? Its really just come down to the point where debates aren't even debates anymore. Its BlackBond saying one thing and then reading the cheap like cop-out responses above.

So you know what fine. BlackBond has heard it so much and its been repeated over and over like a broken record. The insults, the name calling, the berating.

As you know BlackBond feeds off the hate infact he enjoys it. But now, now he's going to get drunk off it. Those who keep preaching it probably just in the end really want it and to be honest now BlackBond is feeling like obliging.

Arrogance? Fine I will be. Full of myself? Now BlackBond can't get enough of himself. BlackBond will be everything that is said. Certainly BlackBond can make it happen.

There is only so many times you can play the Hero, be the popular favorite, the peoples champ. The guy the crowd likes to get behind. But that time is over. Just like BlackBond is no more.

For now on BlackBond shall be addressed not as BlackBond but as King Bond. Yes this is a heel turn. King Bond is tired of the goodness. Tired of putting his neck out and playing Hero. King Bond demands no respect, no loyalty, no nothing. Quiet frankly whatever is given to me here King Bond doesn't want any part of it.

King Bond has all that he need. The money, the women, the education, and more platforms and games to make even the so called hardcore look casual.

Its nothing personal so don't take it that way. But a new era is begining. The era of King Bond

Bow before Royalty

Posted by Blackbond 01/17/2009 10:44pm comments: 26

Reality Check

Reality Check

In this country we focus so much on censorship and you know what censorship is not the problem. Lets look at video games and television. Everyone wants to say that video games causes people to committ more crimes or causes them to go crazy. Hitler was one of the biggest murderes of all time and correct me if I am wrong but GTA wasn't out at that time. Violence has existed forever now. Even in the bible you had brother killing brother.

If someone is crazy and someone needs help then that's on the person. Also lets look at how in American society how we have to censor everything like right now how you can't curse anymore or it will make you a bad person or something.

I mean look at the huge difference between cartoon and anime. In anime they actually curse, show violence, intimate scenes and this is the kind of television that kids watch in Japan.

The Dragon Ball Z we saw in America is completely different then the one seen in Japan. And holy crap last time I checked Japan is at least 5 years ahead of technologically. They are better educated then American's but oh crap their television is more violent. So you still wanna blame television too?

Lets talk about how materialistic this country is. Christmas is no longer about spending time with your family and exchanging gifts because you love that person. Nope, its all about who has the biggest gifts, Its all about who's spending the most money, its all about who has the most lavish party, whos the most high ****person in there.

I mean the level of corruption in this country and even within our government. I mean why do you think so many people are out there selling drugs? I'm not condoning drug usage or dealing but the fact of the matter is for some people drug dealing is a neccesity. I mean what are you supposed to do when no job wants to hire you? What do you do when you have no money to pay for food and shelter?

And so people they just judge people and they don't sit down and think, "So why is this person doing this?" The problem is we focus on so much crap that doesn't even matter instead of focusing on education, morals, and true values of life. Instead what is focused on is crap like gay marriage, interacial relationships, ect.

I have a couple gay friends (both male and female) and I don't care what others say or say and if you want to judge me by that then fine I don't care I've been judged all my life hell even here in the forums. If someone wants to be gay then yeah that's their business.

And another thing with cursing. Oh noes cursing is so bad! It was invented and its in the English language. And for people claiming that a word is bad lets be serious a word can't go out and kill people.

Back to education in European countries where they learn a lot of English. Those people speak and write English better then most American's do. The only difference is that they have an accent but then again everyone has an accent. You may not have an accent now but go some where else and you will have an accent.

The close mindedness of the people, the racism, the inability to listen to others, the fact that people care about things that aren't really important is what leads to problematic issues

Lets talk about bad parenting. Parents these days don't seem to realize that they are influencial in the lives of kids. But its like their kids are made out of gold and they can't do know wrong. So now when a child commits a crime, parents want to blame the movies they watch, the music their kids listen to. No lets blame it on the fact that you neglected your kid. Lets blame the fact that maybe you were too hard on them or maybe not hard enough, that you didn't see the warning signs that were there. When I say too hard on their kids I mean I see kids they're good kids. Good in school, no drugs, but they like to hangout a lot and parents will dog them for it and then focus on things that don't really even matter and then kids end up doing bad things.

Its not about censorship, its not about having a problem at hand and saying lets put a whole bunch of stupid laws in place. Its funny how they set a standard in this world especially in the school system how if you come from a certain race, ethnicity or neighborhood you're not supposed to do well in life. That's a bad thing you know.

A little change in scenary or you know when people know you care about them it can make a huge difference in life.
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The ruling on the field stands

The ruling on the field stands;title

I mean there really isn't much to say. Enforcement should not be decided upon merely speculatory manners. For things that you appeared or heck maybe even seemed to do. Why not have oh I don't know, maybe have it based on things you actually did? Yeah that would be good.

The words seemed and appeared should never be justifable reasons for judgement as they are merely but speculation. They are not concrete. Punishment based on mere speculation is not accurate, period.

So with a valid point and for a valid defense I decided hey why not make an appeal and what do I get. Oh wait Tekken? Yes Tekken?

I'm not sure if you guys are aware or not but I am a Fighting Nut. I love the genre. Just so happens to be this game has been going through some rough times.

-You know the constant delays

-It not coming out until the 360 version is ready

-It came out in JPN arcades in 07 and here we are in 09 still not having it

-It taking so long to come out on consoles that their skipping Tekken 6 all together and giving us its update in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.

So being a fighting fan you know who the rest of the big fans our. There aren't a lot of us. You have your guys like Dreams who are currently into Tasunoko vs Capcom, you have your people like me who like the 2D fighters and are eagerly anticipating BlazBlue, you have people like Yoshi who play DOA.

So seeing that this guy is a huge Tekken fan I ask, "How's the Tekken 6 thing going. You weren't around for that?"

Notice the question mark, meaning "were you around for that?"

I mean because delays suck, getting it late, sucks, having to wait for the 360 version to be complete instead of us playing it all sucks.

And yet....the mods deemed this comment as reason for moderation because it was just an attempt to get a rise out of the user.

Exuse me for asking about Tekken 6. My bad. I mean wow I never thought asking someone about their favorite game was intentionally trying to antagonize or get a rise out of someone. Make sure you guys never ask me about any game I'm interested in.

Its the things like this that are just a sour spot on the community. Becuase rather then let me explain myself I get condemned and told to take it up to customer service rather then being able to talk it out civially.

I know the mods and I enjoy interacting with them. But it seems like I was just brushed aside and told to

"Hey go E-Mail an anonomyous recipent because hey I don't feel like dealing with you or giving you a chance to explain yourself"

Obviously I'm not going to go email customer service because hell nobody wants to every deal with customer service and everyone on the planet knows that people don't want to deal with customer service obviously. I mean just talk with me. How unreasonable is that? I see people getting more then two replies and getting feedback by more then one moderator. Why can't I get that.

You don't even have to do it because if it appears or seems that you did. Its all the same.

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