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The elimination of trust, the destruction of a relationship, and the aftermath.

Trust is the basis of a relationship. Without trust there can be no relationship. The relationship of this site and its users is based on trust. Based on the principals of honestly full well knowing that the opinions and articles have in no way been influenced by outside parties. Well that trust was apparently broken and now that relationship has been destroyed. What happened to Jeff Gerstmann is unthinkable and atrocious. To think that a man was fired over giving his "OPINION" of a game is ludicrious. Its his damn job to give his opinion. If Jeff's job is to give "HIS" opinion on games then why was he fired for it. Last I checked the Review was done by JEFF GERSTMANN not by Cnet. If Cnet wants positive reviews then why don't they do it themselves and put their name in that Review block instead of his.

From this point on there is no credibility to Gamespot scores. There is no way to know which scores have been tainted and which have not been. This is now like the MLB Steroid Scandel. We don't know whats right and whats wrong. The only review we can 100% be certain that doesn't have a asterisk* on it is the Kane & Lynch Review.

So for it to be said yes I am disgusted with this situation. Will I still visit Gamespot? The answer is yes. Come on now what would SW be without BlackBond? But to be honest, the whole thing is being destroyed at such a fast pace now that even my influence can't do much. But in the end all GS Scores are no longer legit. They mean nothing to me. Not as long as the advertising dollar is out there pushing down pressure and extending its influence of corruption.

For those who want to know. Jeff's Video Review was removed do.

If you would like to see it you can find it here.

Posted by Blackbond 11/29/2007 10:08pm
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BeyondPerfection said:
"BlackBond said:
"Ah yes BlackBond, B^2, B-Squared, The Greatness, BB, whatever the hell you want to call me is here. Don't know if I'll be highly active here though. GUFU kinda pushed me to sign up and hey better to get the BlackBond name before some hater does.

But I wonder if this place will turn out interesting. Who knows. But if it does lets just say this website is in for a real treat as long as I'm around.
Ah yes, BlackBond.

Why don't you plan on staying active? It will eventually get boring making Amy looked dumb, won't it?
I wasn't aware I made Amy look dumb. I thought she was doing that on her own. I just point it out.
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overkill said:
"you dicks need to stop geting your panties in a twist over there not being any rules, so fucking what if theres no rules your not going to die just fuck off back to gamespot were u can masturbate of the system wars rule thread. as of now theres no proper gaming forum so its pretty muched been spamed shitless however once theres proper forum sections alot of the spamming will be kept in the general discussion section i reckon."
And this people is what happens when kids have the school off in the Summer. Yeah we're big, we're bad, there aren't any rules, there is nothing to stop anyone from posting zombie porn, there is no way to be held accountable.

Like a bunch of damn unsupervised screaming children celebrating that mommy and daddy are away. I swear I wonder how you function socially in the real world.
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BionicIguana said:
"subrosian said:
"Plus, many of the GS / IGN / whatever ban-dodgers need to be honest with themselves and evaluate why they were banned from those communities (I am sure to get some lovely "hate filled" reactions on that one...). "I never did anything wrong!" No, nuh-uh, you pretty much had to post sexual content, or insult other users, or troll / spam / swear to get banned from 1up, IGN, GameSpot, et cetera - and if you're coming here *just* to do that stuff, when the Beta is over, you honestly may not be around.

It's one thing when you come to GB because you believe the idea behind the site, like the people, and want to post - it's another when you come here simply because it doesn't yet have a TOU / mods / etc. I'm not saying we need to be overly strict here - but I think the agreement is that there needs to be some kind of standard."
Your arrogance is really getting annoying at this stage.  You have latched onto a few small issues (or in the case of the username thing,  non-issues) and delivered your "solutions" in a manner which makes it clear you consider yourself somewhat above the level of the "average" user.  As I have said before, you do make some good points, but the knee jerk nature of some of your theories and condescending tone with which you deliver them totally detracts from your posts.
Yes god forbid someone gives their opinions in an educated form man. I mean how dare he. How F'N arrogant of him lol
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Karmum said:
"BlackBond said:
"So is this place GiantBomb or Gamespot Users Come Here to F'N whine and cry like little girls?
Then why the hell are you posting here, then? You don't seem to be whining or crying.
Because not all Gamespot users are whiny little brats who cry all the time. I'm just test running this thing checking it out and this place needs some law and order asap. It doesn't have to be strict or anything but this place is like a F'N Zoo.
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You can change your name at will as well. This place is like watching a bunch of Gamespot unsupervised children go wild. They are so happy that they don't have any rules.

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Epic said:
"Blackbond just wanted to say I think your a douche, and a big lemming.
You think I care what some random joker on the internet has to say to me?

You can think what you want. Bottom line is you're just lying to yourself. I hope it helps you sleep at night.

#8 Posted by BlackBond (132 posts) -

So is this place GiantBomb or Gamespot Users Come Here to F'N whine and cry like little girls?

#9 Posted by BlackBond (132 posts) -

You people actually have the nerve to say that GS was too harsh on you guys with the way you people are acting? You guys are complete and utter jokes. You are insulting someone over the internet. What's even worse is that you are insulting an imposter and just taking it to sad extremes. I'm sure if GS knew that banning you from a forum would make you cry, whine, ***** and moan they would have done it a lot sooner because it seems that a lot of you guys have no social skills and shouldn't be allowed any where near a computer without parental supervision.

I guess BlackBond is going to be showing up here more often. Clean this place up before it gets infested with Gutter Trash. Funny thing is, its like a bad re-run. You'd think a lot of  you guys would have learned your lesson but its obvious a lot of you not all still have a lot of maturing and growing up to do.

Acting all big and bad on an internet forum. What a joke.

#10 Posted by BlackBond (132 posts) -

Guys this isn't Casey. Don't fall for this troll.

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