Argh it's so smoggy

Shits, the Giant Bomb site has lanched and its even better than i though it would be. Editing the pages etc etc is just so adictive need more points! I've just been adding more information to obsure new releases, so far all of my posts are still pending probably because everyones doing the same which probably means there aren't enough mods? Meh who knows but anyway liking the site so far I've only incountered a few bugs most of which were pretty trivial, but i still cant find a way to play podcasts off the site its self which is a bit annoying )=. I'm sure the guys upstairs will sort it at some point, Keep it up

A crudely edited cup of coffee

O and i don't actually like coffee, i prefer tea which brings us to the reason why i choose the name BlackCoffee. I'm gonna blame Chubbsy for that who is some where in Malta by now me thinks =S

Thats all for now folks