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None of this would be happening without that pesky internet. I remember the good old days. Back then if you wanted to argue with someone about ethics in game journalism, you had to do it in person. Lawn, off, etc.

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There really is no point to this game, is there?

“All we got was a shader and a couple of high-level materials,” said Preu. “I don’t think either of our groups got any actual loot. I’m sure they’re going to fix that.”

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Honestly, the whole thing experience is a bit like Peggle to me.

I keep trying and failing to parse this sentence.

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Gameplay and story aside, the goofy accents just fucked this game over.

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This is crazy. I have seen only 2-3 and I'm level 8.

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Well, that's shitty.

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@humanity: being from Oregon I can tell you it's not a boring setting. The atmosphere could be great and if it's near the coastal line like Astoria or Newport that could make for a beautiful, haunting setting. There's also mountains, forests(as you mentioned), deserts, city, etc. I think Oregon is a great place and I'm pretty excited to see a game set in my home state. I'd like to see if they can nail the feel of Oregon


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That image is awesome and terrifying.

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@vinnyGreat news! I'm sure it will be nice to be home. Where will the office be? Brooklyn?