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@humanity: being from Oregon I can tell you it's not a boring setting. The atmosphere could be great and if it's near the coastal line like Astoria or Newport that could make for a beautiful, haunting setting. There's also mountains, forests(as you mentioned), deserts, city, etc. I think Oregon is a great place and I'm pretty excited to see a game set in my home state. I'd like to see if they can nail the feel of Oregon


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That image is awesome and terrifying.

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@vinnyGreat news! I'm sure it will be nice to be home. Where will the office be? Brooklyn?

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Man, I loved The Thing on Xbox. So good.

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Using the site to argue with someone on Tumblr. Nice.

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Indies from Indo?

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Nice to hear about this issue from a normal joe rather than the overhyped and inaccurate news we often get. Keep your head down and stay safe, bud.

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I cried watching the new kinect quicklook because it reminded me of ryan.

First thing I thought when I saw it - Ryan should be doing this.

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