August Vita lineup and upcoming titles

August is here, last chance for all those "summer" releases to make their release windows. Will they? We'll see, but anyway - here's a rundown of what we do know about current and upcoming games for the PlayStation Vita. As usual, it is focused on the North American market, with Europe and Japan exclusive titles in their own sections below.

Not a lot of confirmed August releases right now, though the one retail title certainly makes an impression. Yes, fantasy beat 'em up Dragon's Crown arrives with its striking art style and meticulous 2D animation. And for all the hoopla about the sorceress' boobs (obviously they're necessary for storing her mana), it's actually getting a lot of good reviews and looks set to be the best selling Vanillaware title so far in Japan.

For PSN titles, only Real Boxing and Divekick have a date (at the end of the month), though Spelunky, Luftrausers, and BreakQuest Extra Evolution should be going through certification around this time and will hopefully make it out soon. There's also Superfrog HD which made a surprise appearance in Europe at the end of July, so that's another one to look for.

Unexpectedly, July proved a pretty great month for new title announcements. Right off the bat Anime Expo 2013 delivered the localization announcements people had hoped for during E3, with NISA bringing over dungeon crawler Demon Gaze and Zero Escape meets Phoenix Wright murder mystery puzzle game Trigger Happy Dangan Ronpa, while Aksys tackled cutesy roguelike Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. Two western retail titles were also revealed later in the month - The LEGO Movie Videogame and Angry Birds Star Wars, and well racing game WRC 4 got announced too, though that one's Europe only for the time being.

Indies continued to show their love for the Vita, with Game Boy styled action adventure Two Brothers, the JRPG inspired Kickstarter funded Soul Saga and Liege, platformer Mutant Mudds, and ambient explorathon Proteus all making the jump, along with an expanded version of Worms Revolution.

Japan got plenty too, starting with two vocaloid centered rhythm games from Sega - a sequel to last years Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F, and Uta Kumi 575, a music game where the player has the ability to alter the lyrics on the fly thanks to the real time vocaloid powered vocals. Kadokawa followed up the enhanced port of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero with its sequel Trails of Blue. Nippon Ichi finally confirmed the long expected port of Disgaea 4, and also indicated a sequel to their premier girls prison RPG with Criminal Girls Invitation. Tecmo Koei continued showing their support with Samurai Warriors 2 HD. And finally, there were no less than 6 visual novels announced, including quite successful ones like Robotics;Notes and Key's Rewrite.

And that's that for this month. Please do join me again in September, when the utterly stunning Killzone Mercenary makes its debut.



Downloads (Tentative)

Q3 2013



Rest of the year (and beyond)

Retail releases



  • Zero Escape 3 - Development has started, but patforms have yet to be annouced
  • Yet to be annouced game(s) from Tokyo Majin Gakuen director
  • Sly Cooper HD Collection - ESRB rating
  • Yakuza game
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us - Amzon France listing
  • Still Time - Minimalist indie puzzle platformer


(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Incomplete list of Japanese titles that have yet to be announced for western release)


Retail (released)

Download (released)

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Edited by awesomeusername

As always, thanks for the update. I think I might get Killzone on release, not sure. Nothing announced in July excites me but I just beat Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Platinum'd!) like an hour ago so I'm kind of interested in Trigger Happy Dangan Ronpa. I'll probably pick up Dragon's Crown when it gets a price drop one day. Not a side scroller beat 'em up kind of guy but it looks awesome so yeah. When I do get it, I'll force my friends to also.

Also, Sony said that Gamescom will be a Vita show so hopefully we get some new game announcements (Gravity Rush 2 PLEASE!). I'm pumped for Gamescom!

Posted by Nightriff

Spelunky is still what I'm waiting for, hopefully it is in the next few weeks

Posted by BestUsernameEver

Gaijin games on their facebook page mentioned Runner 2 for vita has been pushed to 'early Fall'.

Posted by BlackLagoon
Edited by mosespippy

Divekick is August 20th, not the rest of the year and beyond.

Edited by BlackLagoon

@mosespippy: Gah, was so focused on trying to finding more release dates that Divekick slipped my mind. Been fixed, thanks for pointing it out!.

Edited by gerrid

I'm waiting for Spelunky and Terraria - even though I already own both of them on other platforms.

Going to get Dragon's Crown but it's not out in Europe until October, although it's not too difficult to import if things get desperate.

FYI Tearaway has been delayed until November too, which is a shame.

Posted by awesomeusername
Posted by vikingdeath1

What on earth is Dragon's Dogma Quest?

And why is Europe hoarding it?!

Edited by SamStrife

I'm a new Vita owner and this thread has catapulted itself to the top of my favourite thread of all time. Wow...I didn't realise there were so many awesome titles for the Vita...I'll have to search more.

Being from the EU, is there any way I can get some of these gems that don't make it my way?

Posted by 5Figh

yeaaaaa spelunky

Edited by Rafaelfc

Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Lone Survivor can't come fast enough.

Also I wish Mew-Genics would come to the Vita.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I would like a Vita, primarily because I have PlayStation Plus already and there's so much stuff I can't access right now. Also, it's a great way to play PSP games.

And hey, if it just sort of fizzles out and dies at least it'll become an awesome emulation device hopefully. The PSP was already pretty awesome for that.

Posted by BlackLagoon

@awesomeusername said:

Superfrog HD comes out today.

Was just waiting for a confirmed date, and then I forgot I hadn't added it when it happened. Guess I need to step up my game, feels like after months of few paying attention to it (or just making cracks about how the Vita has no games) suddenly there's a whole bunch of you. Not that I'm complaining!

What on earth is Dragon's Dogma Quest?

And why is Europe hoarding it?!

Dragon's Dogma Quest is a free to play top down 2D RPG taking place in the Dragon's Dogma world. It's not out in Europe, it currently only headed to Japan.

Being from the EU, is there any way I can get some of these gems that don't make it my way?

I think most of the games make it to Europe, though some might take a little while to arrive. For PSN only titles you're out of luck. But retail releases are region free and can be imported, you'll just be unable to use DLC.

Posted by awesomeusername

@blacklagoon: I've always been here! There still isn't a lot of people with Vita's here on GB but it's growing. I see people making those "Should I get a Vita?" threads every week so more people are coming here so the community is growing. I also feel like no one says "Vita has no games" anymore. It's just tired at this point and the Vita has a bunch of games. I'm glad you continue to make these threads every month though. Every first of the month, I search your name and check up on your blog even though I keep up with news so I know whats coming. Thanks either way duder!

Posted by awesomeusername

I would like a Vita, primarily because I have PlayStation Plus already and there's so much stuff I can't access right now. Also, it's a great way to play PSP games.

You should take the plunge when you have the money. Most people who do fall in love with their Vita's as soon as they get it and there's threads on here to prove it. I barely even buy games for my Vita because of PS+. It keeps my memory card full.

Edited by jimmyfenix

Still waiting for FFX hd :p

Posted by awesomeusername
Posted by BlackLagoon

@awesomeusername: Ugh, Nicalis just did the same with VVVVVV. I wish these companies would just make the damn announcements instead of these vague twitter teases. Would make it so much easier to decided when to put them on the list.

Posted by Korolev

The FFXHD remake interests me. I'll wait on the reviews for the Killzone Game. I have faith in Guerilla Games, but FPS games have had a bad run on the Vita. The flower port is somewhat interesting.

A fair number of these games are ports from other platforms. It's good that they are on the Vita.... but all the ones that interest me, I've already played. Like Frozen Synapse. I played that on the PC ages ago.

Oh well - I still consider my Vita totally worth it because P4G. It was the reason I got the Vita, and I have to say - money well worth it.

Posted by Jeust

Interesting lineup!

Posted by awesomeusername

@blacklagoon: Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Better then getting announced the day before it hits PSN on the PS Blog.

@korolev A lot of sites have been saying Killzone Mercenary is pretty good so far and it's Guerilla working on it so I'm sure it'll be a good title. The first 2 FPS's were made from that one bad dev so you shouldn't let that influence your purchase. There's a beta coming also and there's YouTube videos of the beta up and it looks like Killzone which is great for me.

Posted by spankingaddict

Come on Killzone , get here already !

Edited by mpgeist

Thanks BlackLagoon, keep fighting the good fight! I haven't regretted getting my Vita one bit. The only thing that bugs me is I can't have a japanese account on it at the same time as my english one.

Posted by awesomeusername

@spankingaddict: To think you'd be getting Killzone. I didn't see that coming. Are you seriously buying a second Vita?

Edited by MetalGearSunny

I can't wait to be able to Divekick wherever I go!

Posted by LiquidPrince

Vita is honestly my favorite handheld in a long while. If it wasn't for Layton, I would've chucked my 3DS.

Posted by JBG4

Dragons Crown is great. I'm super excited for Spelunky on my Vita. Thanks for this update.

Posted by DarthOrange

Any word on whether Walking Dead will be cross buy and thus free for those with the PS3 version? Either way they should start advertising that thing when the new Walking Dead season starts.

Edited by awesomeusername

@darthorange: I highly doubt it. They don't do that for games that come out on Vita. Limbo Vita was the only exception because people bitched about it being $15 for only the Vita version of a 3(?) year old game.

Edited by awesomeusername
Posted by BlackLagoon

@awesomeusername: Tell me about it. Trying to dig up info on them and adding them to the wiki first.

Posted by Downloaded

Pretty much convincing me to buy a Vita here. Thanks for the list! :)

Edited by BlackLagoon
Posted by Downloaded

@blacklagoon: Hah! Yeah, just took on a side job to fund the habit. LittleBigPlanet, Killzone, Guacamelee, Fez, Spelunky...the list goes on.