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@spaceinsomniac said:

I'm playing it, but so far stealth isn't very easy for me at the beginning of the game, and I know that killing too many people will get you the bad ending, which kind of sucks. I'm probably going to just say screw it, finish the game killing everyone, and then watch the good ending on You Tube. I've never been a big fan of stealth in FPS games.

But yes, it's a great title for Games with Gold.

See everyone always assumes its killing everyone that gives you a bad ending when its really high profile actions like letting alarms go off and getting into huge public swordfights. I killed everyone at Lady Boyle's party and got a low chaos ending because no one touched the alarm before rats happened upon them.

@glottery said:

It started a bit slow for me, but I ended up quite liking it. First DLC was pretty great as well, just haven't played the second and last one as of yet...saving it for that special occasion, I guess!

That second DLC has a beautiful final level completely out of left field artistically from the rest of the game. Green is the prominent word.

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All these decades and they still can't get Half Dome right for the logo.

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Now they should play through the other games. Twitch Plays Pokemon Blue!

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Never leave. There is nothing but a hopeless abyss on the other side.

... Also have emergency easily cooked non-perishable goods for when you suddenly realize you forgot to go grocery shopping, AKA just don't care enough to. Darn if that Costco box of canned chili wasn't a good idea.

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@nags: You sure? In a game where the PC's last girlfriend was killed by himself.

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@humanity said:

Man Kentucky Route Zero didn't get discounter enough.

I don't feel write dropping double digits on an esoteric point and click adventure game.

The two women in Act I are named after Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the quote in Act III is from Waiting for Godot. There, it's not esoteric anymore.

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And now Kentucky Route Zero is 50% off. Everyone go buy that game because whoever you are you can learn from the untapped avenue of theatrical influence in videogames.

Also go dig up companion piece The Entertainment.

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Watch how somehow Vinny gets an eight ton truck stuck in a tree.

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Sorry I don't have much to contribute to this discussion but it got me thinking how integral trashcan digging is to some games. Take the Fallout series for example. Sifting through the ruins is a huge part of the atmosphere of that game. In most RPGs looking for everything is justified under raiding dungeons, though even in most cases that's gotten out of hand.

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@jay_ray said:

I think he left so he can do his true calling, a flight attendant that tells you they only have Diet Coke.

Thus Drake Air was born.