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No one uh... None of the other guys in the boy band gonna have a reaction to that happening? Maybe someone a few miles away might have something to say about seeing what looks like Zeus in the sky scarring the Earth with a great strike. Egads, I never thought Final Fantasy would be a game that had tread carefully around suspending disbelief.

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This video came to my attention recently. I was not aware of Drew's HR violations at CBSi.

Also, for me - well, it can't not be this.

I can tell just from this angle that Drew has great aiming technique... And I would kill for that bow.

And there will never be as good a Big Live LIVE Show as that block party.

Ideas for BLLSL 2015. Jeff wanders around CBSi office with the family fortune mic to find:

- Dan sitting in a room playing Mario Party on his own for the entire duration of the BLLSL against three AI controlled players. If he beats all 50 rounds in the time it takes for all of BLLSL, Dan gets, like, I dunno, a 40 of mickeys for winning. or he has to eat mayonnaise with some hippies if he loses. Subscribers get to see the Dan Cam.

- Drew showing off his climbing gear at CBSi's newly-installed climbing wall (I don't know if this exists). GoPros abound.

- Jason is literally moving boxes of cables from one room to another, thinking it's just another day at the office.

- Brad has turned into an entrepreneur and announces the successful series A funding round of his guineau pig startup (name pending)

- Vinny somehow manages to hook up several twitch chat channels into Velvet Sundown.

- O'Dwyer literally stumbles in drunk, thinking it's just another day at the office.

- Alex is just standing around and no one notices or cares.

Dave's sister is drunk coming on and off camera. BLLSL people.

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It's the opposite! He's taking over the company. Kojinami!

... Konima? Kojami? Kojiama? Koei Tecmo?

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Bowie's Starman is just asking to be sung by a drunk Brad.

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Friend had a dog named Tippecanoe "Tippy" (his brother was named Tyler). It's the only dog I've known with a really distinct name.

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It is at times like this that we ask the Internet's premier history/classic literature webcomic artist Kate Beaton:

Clicking the random button on Hark A Vagrant till we get a literature comic gives us:

Victor Hugo's epic of class inequality Les Miserables! Oh right, you wanted a feel good...

I don't know, just read The Great Gatsby or something.

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16 years of gaming says I will gladly talk shop about video game shotguns.

The question to ask with a good video game shotgun is: "Can I dance with this gun?" Those shotguns that show they're heft with lengthy recoils and pumping or reloading animations are inelegant and overcompensating devices. It is a fact that at proper range the shotgun will kill in one shot, to not do so means the game designers did not have the courage to meet the challenge of how the shotgun will operate in their game yet at the same time to overemphasize the power of the shotgun by giving it a slow graceless nature makes it clumsy and frustrating. The best shotguns will allows movement with a magnificent flow of steps between targets: ironsights or no; shoot, move/pump, repeat till reload. The flow of these actions should only be disrupted by the player being conquered by the constructs of the game meant to stop them, never by the functions of the shotgun. The system of the weapon should be easily understood and seen as a challenge not a limitation. From perhaps even the first blasting of an enemy the player should understand the range of the shotgun's one shot killzone. Soon after they should understand the time it takes to pump the actions and the reload time from empty to full. These should all feel naturally complementary to the flow of gameplay so the shotgun does not feel like a hindrance.

Now I have a special place in my heart for the Half-Life 2 shotgun, which I am ashamed that no ones brought up. It is the most marvelous example of how I've described video game shotguns above and is further complimented by game design that encourages the player to have the shotgun as they're mainstay. That said I am completely willing to disregard it because after a stint of obsession I realized how overrated HL2 is. So lets say the first shotgun in Battlefield 3. That gun rocks. The Bioshock 1 shotgun is probably worse than I think it is but darn was that a game where you needed it.

The Wolfenstein: The New Order shotgun though, that's a bad shotgun. It's boxy design gives it a machine like nature so different from the tubular designs of the greats of shotguns that its appearance seems ill fitting. It is appropriately semi-automatic and entirely disrupture of the flow of the shotgun because of it. Furthermore it powers it not conducive to good work at only the lowliest of enemies will take its shot and fall in one hit. Lastly its reload it annoyingly long and cumbersome.

Outside of player wielded shotguns, I love the shotgun wielding mercenaries of Infamous 2. Fighting all the crazies with superpowers and then this inconsequential looking mercenary slides up at great speed on a trail of ice and blasts Cole McGrath's face full of buckshot and knocks him to the ground. By the time your fighting those guys the blow only takes an only slightly more than minimal bit of health, when your health is low you'll curse one of those jerks offing you. But when you can take its blow you'll find yourself saying "dang, that was appropriately punchy. That single attack did wonders to disrupt the spree of lightning violence I was on there. Well done guy with a shotgun. I must kill you now though."

And I have somehow just first drafted my thesis on video game shotguns and would gladly further this conversation. Someone ask me about video game dual-barrel shotguns.

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@poisonjam7 said:

It's like Dan bringing up Wrestling/Metal Gear in just about every conversation he is in.

"I'll take that." -Dan Ryckert term of admittance.

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Don Bradman still sounds like the horrible glorious future where Brad controls the Italian mafia.

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Not having one. Mary Sue is a bitch.

Also Dan Ryckertism.