Killzone 2 Demo - Blog Thoughts / Tips / Semi-review

Killzone 2 Demo - Review - Thoughts - Tips

Read before commenting/ranting.

The Killzone 2 Demo arrived on 5th February. Apparently it did not please some of the people because of the control scheme or the length of the demo.
Well of course I shouldn't be reviewing a "demo" because it's just, well yeah ... a demo and thus way to brief. And the main reason I'm sort of reviewing this demo is because I want to train my English since it's not my native language and I don't have a degree or something for English. But anyway I think
I want to be a journalist later (Embedded, Gaming or even Freelance but would be in combination with another job.)

A tip before playing the demo. (Or if you intend to play it again)

If you start up the demo, I suggest you go to the options menu and select controls.
  • Put the control scheme to "Alternate 2"
  • Put the Y-axis and X-axis speeds up to the maximum
  • (This is one is optional) Enable "Hold Aim"

If you followed this tip, you will realize that the control scheme is now almost identical to the one of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Maybe some will found this useful.
Sidenote: I stopped playing COD4 for a while before I started playing the demo. And when I played thedemo and I rearranged the control scheme it was perfect. Well today I played like 2 hours of COD4 again, and after those 2 hours I played the demo again. This I really felt the difference. So that's why I also suggest the X&Y-axis speeds to be upped to make it feel more floaty for the ones who really want it. I prefer to play it on the normal axis-speeds but that's my opinion.

The Demo

(Coming tomorrow)


At the edge of perfection.

Why is there no such thing as perfection.
I guess the "At the edge of perfection"-syndrome is something that happens a lot with them artists.
With artists I mean all artists. (Game-Designers, Musicians, Painters, Graffiti-Artists, and so on...)
Why does it appear? I guess it's just a crack in the system of the human mind or just one of the many things that makes us brilliant beings.

However we created perfection twice.

1.) We want to create something that is un-improvable
2.) We created perfection by imperfection. I'm going to prove this with a very simple example.
-When you get a test, you can get a Perfect score 10/10

-The questions of the test can not be perfect cause there will always be a better question.

Philosophy is killer & winner!