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Thanks. I only own, and will only own, a PC so I will just have to wait.

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Did you play this on the PC or X-box?

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Whoever did the drawing parts for this trailer really doesn't know much about guns or ammunition I am guessing. The guns were shooting the bullets with the casings still attached... ?!?

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My black ADIDAS' are on Jeff. I am ready.

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The Intellivision one is my package, and it came from Canada dammit!

There was a note in there... I wonder why they didn't find it.

Quoting so the crew can see this.

I don't think they can see it anymore.

Almost fadded to nothing! One or two more would do it I think.

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Toss that Quake shareware disc in the car and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of trent r.

Trent is one of the reasons I'm excited about Black Ops 2.

That was one of the reasons why I am getting COD BO2 as well with the Soundtrack. Trent R. is the man.

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I like this mode idea in theory but I am guessing that it is not fun to be on the LAMBS side ... you know, because I don't like being slaughtered much. That is the very reason I quit playing multiplayer FPS games in the first place, getting into a game and not even getting a shot off. Don't get me wrong, this mode looks cool, but will it be fun to play?

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They kept saying "NINJA" in this Quick Look when it is a Samurai game. Everything in this game is very much Samurai style. The face to face, one on one fights. The last minute dodge and slash. The BOSS had Samurai armour on. The list goes on and on. Ninja were "no rules, stab you in the back, kill their self if caught so no one could know their identity" assassins. Samurai were "live by the code, fair fight, kill their self if they made their master look bad" warriors. It is a big difference ... just sayin. (I learned these things from books, movies from Japan, and living in Japan for four years. Not Anime)

No one fucking cares. You aren't saying anything that's surprising to anyone.

Thanks for letting me know. I am so glad you are around to tell me that my information is crap. I wish there were more people like you around to inform all of us idiots to shut the fuck up. The world would be such a better place without people like me writing small pointless comments on a video game web site. I know that now, because of you I will change my life. Never again will I write about information that no one fucking cares about, because I can't surprise anyone with what I am trying to say. THANKS FOR THAT.

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Samurai and Ninja are the singular and plural of both words. It is like the word deer. you don't put an "S" on the end of Samurai or Ninja or deer.