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I fixed it YEAH!!! If anyone wants to know, my PunkBuster was not auto updating itself so I went to this site ( and there are step by step instructions to fix PunkBuster if you are having issues.

I am HAPPY!!! NOW I CAN PLAY BF3 WHEN IT COMES OUT! (Ear to ear smile)

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I am not playing through STEAM.

I try to connect to a PunkBuster server and then it kicks me out to the Server Browser Screen of BF:BC2 and in a "Notice" window it reads:

You have been kicked from the game. The reason is:

PunkBuster Kicked player "B1acksi1ver" (for 0 minutes) ...

RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure PnkBstrA.exe

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@ShiftyMagician said:

I'm going to wait for actual confirmation of Punkbuster before I even begin to think about how to solve Punkbuster issues.

@JCTango said:

I hate punkbuster - sometimes it causes more trouble than its worth...

So I am not the only one that is having trouble with Punkbuster here? I hate it so much! BF:BC2 was using the anti-hack program as TF2 for a while and it was great but then at some point they changed over to Punkbuster and I was no longer able to level up because I could not use Punkbuster. I ultimately stopped playing because of that ... I really liked BF:BC2 MP too ... sad and angry at the same time.

Someone please help. How do I make Punkbuster work on my PC?

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Does anyone know if Battlefield 3 will use Punkbuster? If so could someone please tell me why Punkbuster does not work on my PC.

And please no answers telling me to reinstall Punkbuster or update my drivers because I have already done both of those things.

I really want Punkbuster to work but I don't know how to fix it. If anyone can help me that would be great!

Thank you in advance,


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Normal mode the first play through and then I will have a reason to play it again on HARDCORE! Plus there was so much to see in Fallout 3 that I saw shit I didn't even know about the second time I played it. I am sure New Vegas will be the same way.  I CANT WAIT FOR FALLOUT!!!

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My WIKI POINTS are not adding up correctly. I am not the greatest at math but this just doesn't add up to me:
had a submission approved for Drawn: Dark Flight and earned 42 points (for a total of 22 points).

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What do you like to watch and where? Youtube? JustinTV?

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Shinning Force was THE greatest turn-based strategy RPG I have ever played ... I haven't played very many but I still think it ranks up there. With my love for Shinning Force I had to play the Golden Sun games when they came out for the GBA and I loved them a lot as well so I will be getting this new GS for the DS on day one with out a doubt.

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I just thought I would piss some more people off by putting this blog in the OFF-TOPIC forum because it is OFF-TOPIC because I am not talking about Video games. BUT I am writing about something and I am not just TROLLING the forum. I am also not breaking any of the forum rules here also
This blog is about TROLLS.  I wanted to ask all of you out there what is your favorite interpretation of the TROLL? In movies or in video games, what was your favorite form of TROLL? 
My favorite TROLLS are from a Video Game called Shadowrun. Something about a big brute with a Katana and face paint is great to me. The Shadowrun First-Person Shooter was a let down to me but I loved seeing Shadowrun in Hi-Res. I loved the ideas behind the Shadowrun story but the fiction has not been used in a good Video game yet. Here is to hope for a good SHADOWRUN game in the future.