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Deus Ex didn't had good combat because of the stats were poorly calibrated, the game doesn't use dice rolls for the shooting, it just keep the inaccuracy state for too long and each time you upgrade your weapons the necessary aiming time to reach accuracy is shorter and weapon damage increases.
Other than that with a few tweaks the game could have been good even at on this specific area
Damage scale, recoil, crosshair shrink and expand and overall weapons stats if they are changed in the right way, you can have good combat.
Games like fallout 3 have more of the rolling dice in combat than Deus Ex

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I think it was to compensate its lack of usability. also splash damage is different than damage. the LAM for example have a wider splash damage area than the GEP.
The GEP is much more a precision missile launcher
The LAW is a pinpoint use rocket launcher
and the LAM is a versatile explosive
The LAW lack of usability is IMO due to a few things, First it's rare, and second you can carry only one, no matter how your inventory is empty or have only the space to get one.
So its massive blast radius allow to take down a tight group of robots. a thing you can do in some circumstances.
Deus Ex is unfortunately not a very well balanced game, that's a bit like system shock 2, these two games shares a bit some great and not great common points, sure they are great games but they aren't great in therms of being flawless, but much more for the experience we have by playing them. For me the LAW if it has to be rebalanced have to loose have of its blast radius and being transportable in a  few number, just because it takes as much space as the sniper rifle, that means once it's fired you pop up an other LAW 
The stats only mentions the damage a weapon does, not its blast radius or anything.
The GEP gun has two rocket types, and each rockets doesn't have the same splash damage area, the HE rockets have a small area and blow up anything, while the WP rockets sets things on fire in a wide area.

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I personally used multiple methods, Playing stealth, combat, lethally, non lethally, Something that can make people thinking that Deus Ex is half linear and half a sandbox game.
The game is a bit "experimental" IMO but it's stay fun to play :) .

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I demand a request for this character Nick Seymour Parker, to add the alias Havoc to it since its codename, thanks.

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Thanks, for the info. so that's because that's not a proper customization. I added a few games under the list of games with alternate blood but I think the optional censorship is pretty much part of most violent games out there.

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Well in fact customization exists in various forms and for many things but I want to ask something, does the color customization in therms of blood belongs under this concept ?
Some games uses that as a sort of censorship option.

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@OutOfBounds9000 said:

" @Bioderm said:

Name? "
PHASR ;) and personally this can't kill anyone ... just blind people if aimed at the eyes.
My fav is probably  this one, I just love to fry people with and inflate them 
Microwave Pulse Gun from soldier of fortune
Otherwise it's this  just sucking people into a deadly vortex
Unreal 2 Singularity cannon
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So it's an object because explosion is the concept of these arrows like explosion is the concept of rockets for example.

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Damage model is a concept and personally I don't see why it should be an object, it's like if you ask me about health. only the health pack is an object, health is a concept.
Explosive tipped arrows are objects like fire arrows, or crystal arrows are and they are just see a few posts above.
If you ask me about explosive barrels, for example, this is a concept and for good reasons since it's about every cylindrical container that can explode and there is even fire extinguishers under this concept.
now explosive tipped arrows sorry this is an object.
And anyway why explosive tipped arrows are a concept and fire arrow is an object ?

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Second what I read that's the physical incendiary ammo, and other than that there is no explanation about its role, except if this regroups every incendiary ammo types ...
Anyway explosive tipped arrows should be an object.