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@trulyalive: The age issue is addressed by Lutece in an audio-log. She comments that his exposure to her "contraption" has caused him to age rapidly and become sterile. I think the most likely explanation is that the choice to be baptized or not is the variable/dimensional split in which he remains Booker in one and becomes Comstock in the other. The post-credit scene leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not Booker changed the timeline/is in a dimension in which he held onto Anna.

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I've been playing Warframe for a couple of months now and the basic action feels really good. The only real gripe I have with the game right now is the lack of variety in the environments. As long as that comes along i could see myself playing Warframe for quite a while.

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I've played something like 500 hours of Halo 1 multiplayer via system link and at least a couple hundred hours of all the series main entries. After having played about 10 hours of the multiplayer I disagree that it still has that "Halo feeling." Positioning and map control have always been the key to Halo multiplayer and frankly to me this game feels like it misses that. I was never much of a fan of sprint because I think it greatly reduces the punishment for bad positioning and I think this has only gotten worse through poor map design. At this point I have no intention of playing anymore of the multiplayer, I'd rather play any of the 3 main entries' multiplayer than Halo 4's or Reach's for that matter.

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Dacidbro (a pro Blazblue player switching to P4A) has had the game for a while and did a livestream answering questions about characters last night. A quick summary of what he said is that he feels overall the game is very balanced but Elizabeth and Kanji are currently thought of as low tier due to a couple of bad matchups they have. Kanji can especially be very difficult to get in range against certain characters and Elizabeth is somewhat lacking in options. Akihiko (his main) is a strong rushdown that can have some difficulty getting in on certain characters and managing his cyclone meter can be somewhat complex. Narukami is a solid all-around character with nothing too tricky about and probably a good pick for people who haven't played a lot of fighting games before. Mitsuru is considered top tier but he thought she was very fair (also she's a charge character which I find many new players to fighters have problems with). Naoto was considered low-tier until recently but is considered quite good now (but only if you can do a fairly difficult loop combo in the corner), she has a pretty stong zoning/keep-away game. Naoto also has a "fate meter" that starts the opponent at 13, getting caught in her trap moves will lower the counter. When the counter reaches 0 you'll die instantly if hit with Naoto's Hama or Mudoon supers. Labrys can be anywhere from bad to pretty good all depending on her axe meter but is fairly straightforward and pretty slow. Shadow Labrys is very complex and relies a lot on using her persona for setups, she also has the unique property of her persona being on the field at all times. Teddie lacks overheads and as a result has almost no high-low game as none of his air normal are overheads but his item abilities are very important (13 of them come out in a specific order every match) and in general has a lot of status ailment moves. Yosuke is very fast and a bit execution difficult due to his game being very air dash heavy (also, one of his most important mobility options involves kara canceling his jump 2B into an air turn which many people find difficult). Aigis is also top-tier with good rushdown using her crazy mobility in Orgia mode but she definitely can also has a pretty strong zoning game. This is most of what I picked up and P4A has been out a long time in the arcades in Japan and overall seems very balanced at the moment.

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I find it fascinating that Valve is ranked "F" by the Better Business Bureau here in the states.

The Better Business Bureau is a scam, Valve probably just hasn't paid to join the BBB and that's how the BBB attacks businesses that won't pay them.

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The original Deadpool run is fantastic and one of my easily one of my all time favorite comics. If they can capture the tone of that original series it could be great but getting Deadpool right doesn't seem like an easy task. The representation of Deadpool being totally nuts all the time doesn't really do the character justice either, so I hope they do stuff with his origin and his relationships with characters like Blind Al and Death.

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Spooky announced he's not totally done, he's just going to focus less on fighting games. He's still doing Big Two and majors but said he's going to doing stuff like LoL and NES modding.

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I think I've come to the realization that I haven't really given a shit about Nintendo since the N64 outside of Mario games. I didn't like or had no interest in almost every single game Patrick listed (aside from Rhythm Heaven, World of Goo, and I thought Muramasa was quite good even though Patrick left it out). The Mario games have always been stellar (and I've always been able to just borrow a friend's console and grind those out in a few days) but I was tired of the Zelda formula years ago and haven't like a single modern Metroid game. At this point I'd rather just save my money and get both Sony and Microsoft's next things. I can't see how you recapture the "old fans" by putting out a under powered console whose most potentially interesting applications have already been crippled by only having one of the new controllers per console.

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I expect Matt and Trey to deliver (The Book of Mormon is amazing if you get a chance to see it), I just hope the actual game part isn't a mess.