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Ive been on here like two months and my xbox achievements still say grabbing data.

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add me to the list if it is still going on

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I need some followers for my quest

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I like using siegfried/ knighmare..... i like looking at ivy.... that is all

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my specs are intel (r) celeron (r) cpu 900@2.20 ghz 2048 ram

when I attempt to install the computer gives me a message that says " this computer does not have enough cpu cores to run this game

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@jetsetwillie said:

ha ha!!! i used to work in a PC retailer in the UK. and the amount of morons that would buy anything without checking the spec first and just expect it to work was UNBELIEVABLE.

the best thing was it was our policy that if you had opened it and installed it we wouldn't give you a refund. i had many many stand up arguments with idiots that wanted a refund but had no fuckin chance of getting one.

thanks, I didnt feel bad enough already lol

yeah it's a laptop, I'm prolly going to upgrade in march. Give this computer to my daughter

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have a two year old computer so i figured it would have no problem playing old republic. long story short always check system requirements

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super mario , duckhunt or track and field. All three came with nes purchase, can't remember what I played first

not counting pong.... played it at my friends house

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thanks for quest help