Come to me 3DS.

I need me a Nintendo 3DS.  The notion of having a portable system that will play games like Metal Gear Solid 3, Persona and proper Kingdom Hearts excites me to no end.  As someone who didn't have a PSP, I feel as though there is this new and exciting market that's just been opened to me.  The idea that I'll be able to carry the graphical equivalent of a PS2 or potentially a Wii, is unbelievable.  The DS is fantastic, but now we've progressed into this phenomenal uncharted territory of graphical fidelity that could exponentially enhance the hand held gaming experience.
I'll admit, I was initially very skeptical when the various gaming websites hypothesized what the 3DS would be like.  The idea of a 3D slider made me sick.  I thought, for sure Nintendo would implement a cheap gimmick that would entice developers to push out terrible ports, for easy dollars.  Based on what I've seen and heard from people who saw it, it seems as though my assumptions were totally misguided.  This thing looks brilliant!  
My biggest gripe with the 3DS is the shell itself.  It seems so similar to the DS that I feel as though I'm buying old technology.  Perhaps this allows Nintendo to reduce development/production costs, but it leaves me, the end user, unsatisfied.  I wanted this thing to be in a fancy new case, equipped with cool buttons and beautiful new screens.  As someone who pays attention to design, I think it would have been fitting to 'physically mark' or 'brand' this new transition that Nintendo is making.  To me, every era is represented by a console and I think that Nintendo missed a tremendous opportunity to put its signature on the emerging 3D hand held age.  When I think about the 3DS, I don't necessarily want to be reminded of the DS (even though I loved it so much).  I think it's clever branding, but I think it shows a little insecurity on the part of the Nintendo Corporation.  If they were really certain that the 3DS would sell gangbusters, then they would have redesigned it without a doubt.  I think Nintendo has lost touch with what is 'hardcore'.  I know too much about the DS and thus, the 3DS should appear more foreign and unexplored.   
I remain, however, ecstatic about all the possibilities that exist with the 3DS.  I can't wait to play, and replay some of my favourite games with a higher graphical output and experience them in 3D.  The best part is; if I don't like what 3D has to offer, I can turn it off or minimize it.  I'm still going to get a higher resolution and a better looking game, even if I decide to disregard the "new" dimension.