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@pie: Crazy like a fox.

Jeff streaming Funky Barn? Spookin w/ Scoops? Jeff Green playing Dark Souls?

One is the best number.

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Solo streams are my favorite.

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So much love, Patrick.

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Jeff Gerstmann IS Mixlr.

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Happy birthday, duder!

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Happy birthday Mr. Ryan Davis. Miss you lots buddy.

The summer jams are cranked up REAL loud for you today.

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Happy birthday Mr. Ryan Davis.

The summer jams are playing extra loud for you this morning.


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Weirdness ensues...

Looking forward to some new How to Build a Bomb episodes. Damn that show took a long hiatus.

Congrats on the move, Vinny. I guess this was SF's solution to the housing bubble... send Vinny away and home prices will drop at least 30%.

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Soda is the correct answer. I have no respect for the word "pop".

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Jeff Green. I know he's got another gig right now, but fuck that we need him here.

Also, I don't care about another new hire unless it's perfect. I'm happy with the people we have.