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Started from the Quick Look now we here.

Some of those signs in the audience were hilarious; "Fuck Dave Lang", "Jeff Worst-man" were pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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I get like the frog is a metaphor for Facebook and the girl is Oculus. Far out Vinny-man.

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@milkman said:

So, John Carmack works for Facebook now. Deal with that for a second.

One of the first things I thought about. What a world...

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I was looking forward to the opportunity to invest in Oculus once they started to get bigger but I don't want Facebook stock :(

Damn right you don't want FB stock.

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Noticed that someone beat me to the trigger. Please merge.

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Breaking news as per Bloomberg. $2 billion is the price. THIS IS WILD.

That's an absolutely crazy move on Facebook's part. I'm pretty pessimistic about the company, but that's a really interesting move. I wonder what this means for the Rift.

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Very cool!

Hot damn, Ryan left such a profound hole. Miss him so fuckin' much.

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This is so wonderful.

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Jeff Green, please. Thanks.