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I play with 200-260 ms and rarely notice hiccups (if at all). I think it's more of a placebo effect; unless you're playing at worldwide tournaments (and let's face it: you're not) you won't be handicapped by a 250 ping.

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I'm a full time worker, and father of two so my gaming time is very limited. At most 2 hours a night after the wife and kids fall asleep.

This game is a great choice for people like me. You don't have to pour in hours to enjoy it, the gameplay is fast and solid (no shitty CoD noobtubes) and the network code is good. I'm playing from South America and getting zero lag on a regular connection. If you're in the US or any other place with great internet you'll be pleased as well.

Loooooovin' it. Buy it.

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You idiots have to turn everything into some sort of debate about either religion, politics or patriotism. Fucking hell! Enjoy the video and the game for what it is. A fun game.

Also, haven't you ever seen The Patriot? Oh that's right, you're all too young to have seen it (13 year olds) - why is it you guys have an opinion again?

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@Sbaitso: Because I'm used to turn based roguelikes. Not flash games like this one. I've given the game another go, still didn't click. I regret buying it. Honestly, I've played flash games that are more fun for me.

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Day 1 purchase for me! They should have released the video on July 4th though, would have been amazing!

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@Gamer_152: Not at all I like roguelikes. I'm a huge dungeons of dredmore fan.

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I can't seem to enjoy this game. The controls are tight, but having three hearts and dying is just dumb. Especially in a game where you are in narrow corridors with lots of pellets flying around. Even touching an enemy causes injury.

Not only that, but I die and lose absolutely everything I acquired? What gives, what am I missing here? Thank God this game only cost me 2$ yesterday, because if I payed full price, I would have been pissed.

I'm going to read comments here and give it another shot, but so far it feels like I just paid money to play a game I could have played for free on Kongregate.

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@hawkinson76: Fantastic suggestions! Thanks guys!

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@SpikeSpiegel: Lego Batman sounds really good. I'll check it out!

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I bought my son the game Cars 2 and he loved the game! But he's since beaten the game and wants a new one.

He's 3 years old but plays like a champ with me in the evenings while his mother is at work (I work from home - software engineer FTW).

What games are cool for that age, but fun as well?