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A bit confused as to why my thread deleted. I posted about a Kickstarter yes, but I was pretty sure I made it clear that I'm not part of the development team and have no financial stake in it. I simply want it to get funded because I think it looks very cool and I would like it to exist so I can play it someday. Is any discussion of Kickstarter games banned?

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I just supported a Kickstarter for a game called Bedlam. The premise is to be a cross between FTL and XCOM; A roguelike turn-based strategy game set in a post apocalyptic world. The art style is very cool and it sounds like its being developed by industry veterans. There are only 10 days to go so head over and check it out!...and hopefully support it so that I can play it.

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We're just not gonna make it are we, society?

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Watching PAX stuff and just started missing Ryan. Let's keep this thread going forever!

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Hey duders. While listening to this week's podcast, I came up with an idea. I'm not sure if this topic has been broached in the past, but let's come up with an unofficial slogan for Giant Bomb. Here are my ideas:

1. Giant Bomb: Because Somebody Has to Do It (Inspired by The Sims talk on this weeks podcast)

2. Giant Bomb: Because These Video Games Aren't Going to Play Themselves.

3. Giant Bomb: Because NOBODY Has to Do It.

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@gkhan: No I actually need to roll out to go to work. I'll be home later tonight about 11 pm Eastern Standard Time, or I can do tomorrow in the morning for me. I realize your time zone is totally different!

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@gkhan: I'm in the US. Washington, DC. I just friend requested you