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PSN: brinstargonaut

I didn't get the game yet but I'm gonna get it soon.

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It's still very early days for this game. I've been playing way too much of it, but still loving it. I've even been watching some streamers and listening to a Hearthstone specific podcast. Someone help me!

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Texting is a fine form of communication when you really know someone well and know how they talk and think. If it's a new friendship or relationship it's much dicier. It's harder to tell if they are being sarcastic or serious. You also don't know how quickly they respond and start to get paranoid. I've been there too.

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I get what he's saying, I really do. I have bought a lot of games on sale, including retail console games and digital games on Steam or with PS Plus discounts, and I am probably never going to have time to even play most of them. Also because I have so many, I feel like I should be starting another one instead of replaying one immediately after finishing. So I understand his thinking, but c'mon son...GET PAID.

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I'll add both of you.

PSN ID: brinstargonaut

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@jchenderson: Try this:

1. Open Downcast

2. Press Add on the bottom bar

3. Press Add Podcast Manually

4. In the Feed field type:

5. Input your username and password below that

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I got Downcast to work somehow. I had deleted the feed from the iOS version, but when I went on the Mac OSX version it was still there and said it could not authenticate. Entered my username and password and success. It synced to my iOS version and now I'm good.