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@c0v3rt: I've been doing stuff for next weekend's move all day and I just signed on and he was there an hour ago. Doh!

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@littleemille I added you on Battlenet. When can you play our round? I can do most times tomorrow just let me know. I'll be at home packing for a move, but then at work in the evening, but I can actually still play at work at certain times. Hit me up, son! Let's do this.

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@perniciousdistortion: I work almost that exact same schedule so perfect. When I log back in tonight I'll add you. It should be fun!

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I've honestly played nothing but this game since February, but that doesn't mean I'm good. I've never gotten higher than rank 12 and that was this season. It also possible to win with basic decks. The game is pretty well balanced.

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Heads up: I work at night so my playing time will be limited then. It doesn't mean I can't because I do have the ability to play at work, there are just certain times when I can't.

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@c0v3rt: Ok I PMed Patrick with the details and link

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As much as I wanted to come from the future, my personal favorite was MKDS. I played it with people locally everyday for a long time

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@c0v3rt: Maybe we can bug Patrick and Alex about it on the morning show Friday.

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The most wins I've gotten is 8...and that was a Mage deck with no Fireball or Pyroblast! I'm still not sure how I did that.

Oh yeah...also no Frostbolt.

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I'm down.

BattleNet: Blargonaut#1742

Classes: Priest, Druid, Mage

I'm switching it to Warlock instead. Been having fun with it again.