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I get what he's saying, I really do. I have bought a lot of games on sale, including retail console games and digital games on Steam or with PS Plus discounts, and I am probably never going to have time to even play most of them. Also because I have so many, I feel like I should be starting another one instead of replaying one immediately after finishing. So I understand his thinking, but c'mon son...GET PAID.

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I'll add both of you.

PSN ID: brinstargonaut

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@jchenderson: Try this:

1. Open Downcast

2. Press Add on the bottom bar

3. Press Add Podcast Manually

4. In the Feed field type:

5. Input your username and password below that

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I got Downcast to work somehow. I had deleted the feed from the iOS version, but when I went on the Mac OSX version it was still there and said it could not authenticate. Entered my username and password and success. It synced to my iOS version and now I'm good.

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I am having the same trouble with Downcast as of today. I use my username. I don't care as much about the ads, at least for now, but I do care about getting the other premium podcasts. Actually mine doesn't say denied, just shows no episodes.

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@granderojo said:

@chaser324: I guess I just thought they all are doing more exciting & interesting things, so I mentioned them. I think they are very much equivalent products, and superior at least to the first game in many ways. Strip it away of all that art & it doesn't stand up design wise, and it seems it's getting a pass just because of the scale of the production. I think whoever designed the game needs to revisit their design because it doesn't stand up.

I mean Transformers has a huge scale and cost of it's production but we don't expect to pay more for that ticket than say Argo, do we? I don't get why video games have this expectation.

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And this game is $60 on Amazon right now for Wii U, PS3, and 360.

I am baffled.

It's totally your opinion that the design doesn't stand up. I love the design of this game. If you think its about running only from left to right, you are wrong because there is so much more to it than that. I do recall the Giant Bomb guys saying of Origins that the playing part of it wasn't really their favorite. I disagreed with that then and I disagree with it now. Sure, it's a classic gameplay design and doesn't offer new mechanics like those other games you mentioned, but it has amazing art and incredibly tight level design. Pure joy plain and simple

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I'm playing on PS3 but maybe it still works. My name is brinstargonaut.

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I want a PS4 more overall, but Titanfall looks so damn cool. I'm just gonna wait until after they launch and then decide.