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@crazyleaves: It's coming out on the 27th. The warehouse of the store is near my city. They shipped it today, and I guess they were expecting to arrive on monday, but CanadaPost delivered on the same day.

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@OllyOxenFree: Was having problems with Giantbomb picture posting. Already added more.

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Hello giantbomb community,

I just got my PS3 Super Slim white. Looks great, its white and greyish. Here are some pictures,


Sliding door and grill is actually Grey, not white. Looks great
Power button is translucent white, Hdd cover/top is grey as the sliding door
Fan vent black
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Canadian payed $59 since a long time and we get less features than in the US

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@Burns098356GX:@Burns098356GX said:

" Whats IPTV? "

you can search for it in Wikipedia here is a link. 
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@Jeffsekai said:
" I'm confused, can't you already do that with Media Center? "

No. this is different. Media center you need a PC with a TV tunner. This is what microsoft showed years ago at E3. Using the Xbox as a IPTV box.
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@Jack268: lol, thats part of their marketing. They always use animals in their ads
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Telus will soon be using the Xbox360  as a HD Digital Box (not pvr)  for their IPTV service "Optik TV"   

Here is a scan of the promotional flyer i got in the mail.  I checked their website and they will be charging a $5 fee for using the Xbox as a PVR.
I just realized that this might be the first time Canada get something first before the US!. lol ( as far as i know this never came to the US)

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Everyone talks about the lights. I think its more important to ask MS if the Xbox360 Slim will also be covered by the 3 year RRoD and E74 warranty

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Here in Canada no PS3 game comes with Sony seal. The ps2 games do come with it and Xbox360 games. But I don't recall of any PS3 game that comes with that PlayStation seal on top. I also got God of War 3 (US version) and it didnt come with any seal. Only the plastic they come wrapped with