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My name is Todd and I was drawn into the site by the review of gaming possibilities. I looked around and thought this was a unique and interesting way to do a website. I liked the concept of having goals to accomplish. As a gamer would. LOL :) . But....., As I followed the instructions carefully and wrote out a Blog I was asked if I would like to enter it into the forum discussion. Mind you, I did not seek this out or blindly or arrogantly post it to the forum. I was asked if I would like to. I thought about it carefully. Then accepted the Off Topic category after looking it over first. After 9 replies to my blog I was Shut down and locked out. Feeling rather putout I took a day to look some more and contemplate before going further.

I will say this;

1)I was encouraged to post to the boards.

A. By instruction

B. By encouragement from the goals set.

C. By the methodology of getting oneself out there.

I am very disappointed that I was shut out for doing what was encouraged and in an appropriate manner.

You can justify anyway you like. It is not going to be anything but a complete brush off to me. I DID NOT disrupt or POST for the purpose of wrecking the forum with a trash thread. It was My Thread, for Good or Bad, and it presented no offense to any person nor the community. What shutting it down did do however, was make me self conscious about any posts and halt my community awareness as well as following hopefuls. As I posted to my own blog with no attachment to the Forum the second time, It gave me a Cloistered Monk card. and said,"How are you going to get noticed if you post to your own corner?" I thought much the same. So I am posting here in this manner. I am thankful, but will likely retire after reading your rebuts over the next few days. I have better things to do than be led down a path, then have the rug jerked out from under me. I wish you all well. Good fortune in your gaming ventures.

My post was innocuous " Hello, I am new and have enjoyed writing reviews Thank you"

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You have put an incredible amount of content on the Board. Very impressive. It will take me some time to look through it all But that I shall. Nice work.

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Nice to be part of a very very active community. Thank you.

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Life has been very good to me and I have had the fortune of growing up in a most technological and Game ready Society. See you on the on the net. ;)