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The Underdraker

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Game was fine, but a buggy mess. Couldn't finish it since the final boss battle never triggered.

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Wow, I totally am not clicking that, good job advertising your channel!

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Terrific Lesnar/Cena package and Dean Amrbrose messing with the MiTB briefcase were the only good moments. Thankfully my PVR stopped recording just before the contract signing, Brie Bella on the mic is the last thing I ever wanna endure.

Also that Adam Rose mirror segment...

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Deus Ex

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He is a human piece of shit.

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Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

Aphex Twin - Caustic Window LP

Freddie Gibbs -Piñata

A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Sea When Absent


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So is it safe to say Jeff will crack and finally hire Hip Hop Gamer?

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Check your white cis-gendered male privileges, scum. Two "white males" were hired over women because of their demonic, disgusting white skin and male genitalia. Not at all because they were the most qualified specimens for the job. Jeff Gerstmann is totally patriarchal scum with the privilege of owning a copy of the Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack, showing he is possessive of women and sees them as just a Trish Stratus doll you can manipulate in anyway you please. He does not what so ever have the utter best interest in his site, he just wants to hold women and people of other skin tones down. This is the utter truth because I'm a sheltered white kid (identify as Aqua Blue) from Palo Alto with a tumblr blog full of cute Chandler Bing gifs and my musings on social justice and how white men are the devil, like that Public Enemy guy says. Privilege: checked.