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At Best Buy they had a 1 yr Xbox live card that said Killer Instinct free with purchase. For those that got the email did you renew recently?

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Plugged in my Astro A40's without the need for the media controller box an they sound great. The microphone works great also and is much easier using voice commands than the camera across the room.

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It's EA they will probably have a $9.99 addon later for 60FPS.

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So I join a multiplayer game and get busted within 1 minute. So switch to single player and am able to complete a few events and get a feel for the game but the cops are on me in single player too. I make it to the hideout but can't figure out how to get in so I get busted. Do you have to lose the cops before you can use the hideout. Also any other tips for losing the cops?

Also share any other tips for racers or cops here since the title is not limited to just my questions.

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If you can't find it in stores it is available for digital download in the store. Also don't forget you get $10 off since the PS4 comes with a $10 store credit code.

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Also some HDMI cables do not work on the PS4. Instead of using the cable that came in the box I used an already working cable where I just unplugged the previous device. The system would boot up light bar white then turn yellow and then the device would turn off. Using the provided cable solved the problem. Don;t have the specs on the other cable on me.

As far as the metal piece I am hoping someone can include a picture so others know what to look for exactly.

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I know they said that the system will not support external hard drives but do they mean it will never support them. I think it is a feature they might not have at launch but will patch it in the future making this issue not a problem.

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Not sure why people expect a game input system to work for 100% of all games. All have there own faults depending on the genre. I like companies trying new things either they fail or they are great. If they don't ever try then we will never find the opportunities that worked.

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Well I purchased it via Steam and am having a great time. They have randomized the worlds other than the story events so there is something new to do each time you re-visit a place. The bat computer shows you all the characters so you do not need to be an comic geek to enjoy it. It is one of the few games in my collection that I can enjoy with my nephew. Now id they would just merge Scribblenauts with GTA 5 (Type: Trever -> Adjective -> Stable).