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After 911 common sense was replaced by procedure and policies.

From now on common sense will be referred to as "Rare Sense".

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@blastroid: Yes, but they generally hold to their areas of the state. Austin is largely liberal; I doubt you'd find someone there getting excessive sentencing because of their sexual preference, as the user suggested.

Live 15 miles from Austin guess that's why I see more of a mix.

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@raven10: You accused Texas of being simultaneously extremely conservative and extremely liberal.

I live in Texas and we have both.

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If he does get 8 years it I would like to ask him when he gets out would he get a PS5 or Xbox Zero.

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Not going to post exactly what he said as you will need to read the article and I don;t want those comments google spidered with my name on the post. ;)

Now I don't like what the kid posted and it proves that young kids will say just about anything online to get a reaction but jail time? I understand freedom of speech is protected unless it can cause a crowed mayhem (like yelling fire) or a threat. If you take out the "lol" and "jk" from his statement you get a 100% threat but when adding those in is it still a threat? Does context change with just a few letters?

This will be an interesting case to watch. This of course goes far beyond just video games but more about online comments. If you write something instead of say it is it more or less punishable? If someone said out loud in a room of people what that kid wrote but still ended it with "lol", "jk"m or "just kidding" is it still a threat?

Comedians get away with allot by ending with "just kidding" Doubt a comedian would talk about a school like this but they do joke about airports that would be considered a treat if taken out of context. Laws may be black and white but interpretation of the law and the context is what this case will be all about.

What is your opinion?

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In other marketing news "100% of all Xbox Classic and Xbox 360 square discs released" will work in the Xbox One.

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Cup holders.

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Watch it then watch it again.

Watch it then watch it again.

Watch it then watch it again.

Watch it then watch it again.

Watch it then watch it again.

Watch it then watch it again.


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If they do not enjoy the same exclusives as you are they really your friends?