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Basically, there isn't an option to choose PC. Just thought I'd report it, probably reported before but, meh ^^. Other than that excellent job you've done here ;)

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Their opinion, you just stick to yours. They are entitled to have their opinion.  (Probably not the first one to say this but I had to get it out of me and im too tired to read all of the posts ^^)

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@BigLemon said:
" Can you imagine an Endurance Run of this game? "
As in a episode of it? It ain't a long game to be honest ^^.
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Nothing that special to look at but performes well ; ) 
HD4870 (1Gb) 
Q6600@3.00 Ghz 
4GB Ram  
22" Samsung SyncMaster P2370
The rest is irrelevant.

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Ever since cs days, p90

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Intel Core Quad Q6600 @ 2,40Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS 512mb
Win XP pro.

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If i'm not mistaken you can also get a house or sleeping loc. inside Megatron, but if you are on the evil side. I suggest blowing up the town, you'll get quite the spectacle and a free apartment aswell ;)