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The name BlazeHedgehog has been with me since I was 14. I'm almost 26 years old now. I am something of a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, though for obvious reasons I'm cautious with regards to new games in the franchise. I enjoy writing about games, and I'm currently the reviews editor for TSSZnews.com. I really want to make games for a living, but how possible that might be for me is currently undecided, and I am more than happy just writing about games for the rest of my days. In the mean time, I'll continue to grind away at things like a Sonic game I've been messing with on and off since I was 16. If you'd really like to know more about me beyond this, just read my introduction blog
Other important links include my work-in-progress personal website, my Youtube channel, and the space I post video reviews.