Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - The Video Review

There was a time where GiantBomb let you embed Youtube videos in to user reviews, but that time has seemingly passed. Despite responses from both Jeff and Rorie implying that removing video embeds from reviews was not intended, it would appear things are officially falling on deaf ears now. Or everybody's just too busy. Whatever! Either way, here's this.

For those of you following my (much more frequently updated) Tumblr know, I've been fighting to get this video done for like two months now. I bought some new video capture hardware (a Roxio Gamecap HD Pro) and it has been nothing but one big endless headache. It's a miracle this video even got released at all, but it means that the final video quality is less than desirable:

Yes, this is from the "high quality" archival version.

Not much can be done about that outside of literally rebuilding my entire PC from the ground up, and I don't exactly have $500-$800 lying around to make that happen. So, I don't know.

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