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I'm trying to watch this GiantBomb CDI stream on Twitch, and picking any quality setting besides "Source" (e.g. high, low) makes the video quality look like a blurry, pixelated mess. We're talking 240p Youtube video, here.

I'd understand if the "Low" setting would look like poop from a butt, but "High" shouldn't also look like that, should it? I don't have wide enough tubes to watch something at "Source" quality.

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Forgive me if this sounds rude, but I feel like that Resting State article is full of shit.

Those games aren't doing us a favor. Not consciously, and probably not even unconsciously. Do you know what my Mom does when she runs out of "energy" in Candy Crush? She moves on to Pet Rescue Saga. And when she runs out of energy in that, she moves on to something else, rotating around and around the same dozen games for hours.

The key thing here is that, I guess, switching between games gives you the option to rest. But you always have the option to rest. The only person making you play Civ for 13 hour binge sessions is yourself. In the last three years, I've put in almost 800 hours of Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends and I've learned how to say no so I can get work done (I put Steam in to offline mode).

Trying to pretend that F2P "rest states" are a good thing is undermining what their real purpose is: to squelch those so-called "brains in jars" for an extra $20 so they can keep playing.

Think of it another way: an increasing number of Nintendo-developed games have little pop-ups that appear every 60-90 minutes reminding you to take regular breaks. And every time I see one, it feels more like a bit of an insult than anything. Like, "thanks, grandma, but I got this."

People who want to keep playing will keep playing. People who want to stop should stop.

An argument could be made that games like Farmville don't have easy stopping points - when you finish a race or beat a boss or complete an objective, it usually gives you a clean break to say, "I should probably stop here and go to bed." Some of those F2P games don't necessarily have that; they march onwards forever and ever and ever.

But again, that's by design. They want that "You're out of energy! You can buy 10 more energy for $5.99!" pop-up to mess up your rhythm so you can grumble, pull out your wallet, and keep getting your fix.

Imagine how much worse it would be if instead of reminding you to take regular breaks, Nintendo games outright put up a message that said "You've played enough for today. Go outside. Get a life. You can play more tomorrow." People would be furious!

In short: don't celebrate what F2P games are doing just because it positively impacts your lifestyle. That's like saying, "It's a good thing McDonalds food is so gross because it means I don't get fat."

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@jinx1 said:

Plus sonic doesnt have battlemode or a crappy afterthought. I played sonic transformed for 20 hours, and mariokart for about 100, so there difference in playability is huge.

I have my doubts that you did actually play it for 20 hours, and the fact you would have to tell me as if you had to prove this fact to me, unprompted, looks really really fishy, dude!

Also, I'm not entirely sure how getting in to the nitty gritty is a negative? Like, isn't that kind of the point of a review? Especially for a franchise that has been around for as long as Mario Kart has. You HAVE to get in to small changes otherwise your review is just

"Yeah, I dunno, it's another Mario Kart, I guess. You know what that is by now. 8/10."

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@d_w said:

I don't know why Google thinks they can automate this sort of process.

Well, I mean, because there's such a volume of content that they would have to hire hundreds, if not thousands of people to police this stuff?

Automation is the only practical, cost-effective solution. Tens of thousands of hours of video are being streamed and uploaded daily.

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This is my first Mario Kart game I ever played, this made me wanna try the other ones in the series.

Good review. Also, just my opinion, I feel that your fillers between segments are kinda long, but it was pretty good.

I got some new music for this video that appears to be specifically made for video editing, but the problem is I'm used to the music I use building up to like, a melody, or a solo, or something... and this music will go for like, minutes in the "build up" phase, so sometimes that got away from me a little.

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When I buy a game in a box it's because I can't afford good internet and I'd rather not spend an entire weekend (or more!) downloading a game.

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Movies are the same way every time. Games are not. I could be watching a guy restart the same checkpoint in Ninja Turtles for the NES over and over and over, or I could be watching a tightly optimized speed-run.

Performance is the key differentiation here. In both cases Konami made the game, but in some regard, they're merely setting the stage. Does the original construction team of Carnegie Hall get a commission every single time an orchestra plays there? No, that's silly. The draw is who is playing there. Of course, the analogy could be interpreted a different way: a game is not the stage, it's the song, and in that regard, song owners AND performers get paid for a performance.

I suppose it depends on how much you're watching to see the game and how much you're watching just to listen to the personality, and I feel like that's too subjective to be able to regulate, maybe?

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Vinny is my favorite member of GiantBomb, and the thought of him not having Jeff, Brad and Drew to play off of has me definitely bummed out.

But he's Vinny! Vinny could make a paper bag interesting. Good or bad, at least it'll be interesting...?

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I'm halfway through producing a new video review for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; any news on this?

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Has anyone here seen the fan-made documentary "The Smash Brothers"? I found it to be super interesting, and a really cool window in to the Smash competitive scene. I always thought all of the "Fox, No Items, Final Destination" rules were stupid, but this gave me a new degree of respect for that stuff.