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Is there any reason that the site wouldnt just let me put 2 in from the beginning? Case limitation or something?

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No RAM isn't an option either. How much does the RAM sell for. Is it better to buy it with an 8GB and upgrade to 2x8GBS as it was suggested I get 16gb for video editing. Or buy it with 4GB and just upgrade it to 2x4GB?

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@corevi said:
@korwin said:

You need 2 memory dimms. You can run with one but you will loose half your systems memory bandwidth.

Didn't notice that but yeah. You want 2 sticks of 4GB not 1 8. RAM works better in pairs.

for some reason the site only lets me add 1x8GB, I cant add 2x4GB

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970 it is then. I would solely be using digital means for gaming. As for Photoshop etc I can probably just find an external disc reader for that. Honestly couldnt tell you last time I used a disc on my laptop so I can probably drop that off

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@corevi said:

@bleedingstarx: It definitely is worth the upgrade if you can afford it. The 970 is the best power/cost value on the market right now.

So you'd actually recommend that OVER a 980 right now then?

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I can definitely deal with sticking a 970 in instead if its worth that bit extra.

Looking at it, I could stretch to a 980 too but its a decent leap up in price, much a difference performance wise?

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@hassun said:

@bleedingstarx: With a stock CPU cooler I don't think you will need extra thermal paste.

Cheers for that, I'll adjust that to the standard then

@corevi said:

@bleedingstarx: That seems great. If you ever want to upgrade it later you can get an SSD and another 8GB of RAM. The 960 won't run new games on ultra (except for MGS5) but it will hit high.

Honestly, MGS5 has been my most anticipated game since its announcement, so as long as I can get the most out of that Im more than fine with High on most things.

So as it stands (with the CPU cooler adjustment) does it seem like a worthwhile gaming PC? My fear is spending the money and then it being outdated on under par in a relatively quick time

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Ahh ok, so I've adjusted the i5 to an i7 and dropped the fan on it to the standard one and it still falls within an amount Im willing to spend, comes in now at £950

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Had the specs built for me as Im a total novice at PCs, what is the aftermarket fan? Is it the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO (120mm) Fan CPU Cooler?

Im still new to video production but its definitely something Im interested in and would love to get seriously in to. Is the 8GB much of a draw back at the early stages of learning it?

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So I'm finally looking to get a PC, mainly for gaming and streaming, but I do a lot of Photoshop work as well. Vegas is something I'm learning so that'd be awesome too, I mean I currently have a laptop that does it all so why not my new PC right?

Absolutely no idea in terms of specs or anything, I just know I want to be able to play as many games as possible. Ranging back to games like Dark Souls 2, Arkham series etc to the newer releases like Metal Gear Solid V etc etc

Streaming is also important as is Photoshop

Here is what I got

I've been suggested the above so I'm just looking on feedback before I make the (admittedly quite intimidating plunge) and spend the money which is £900. Value for money? Over spending on some parts?